V: The Series (1984)

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Quotes (19)

  • Martin: What do you think you're gonna get for stealing a helicopter? Mike: Two years. Or a pulitzer prize! Now where's that ambulance?

  • Nathan: Tell me, Mr. Tyler, what would you do with Diana? Ham: I'd use her for target practice. Nathan: Then you reject the argument that she can atone for her crimes by helping us in our fight against disease? Ham: Diana is the disease.

  • Ham: No amateurs. I do this my way. Nathan: You work for me. Ham: Wrong. I'm a free agent from now on. Nathan: Then I'd say I'm entitled to a refund. Ham: I'd tell you what to do with your money but that'd be rude. Nathan: How will I know if you've killed Diana? Ham: I'll let you live.

  • Julie: All you had to do was release the red dust! Nathan: It's not quite that simple. Take a look at this. These are laboratory animals that were exposed to heavy doses of the red dust - you can see the results: mutations, sterility, death... Julie: That's impossible. I tested it on myself! Our data showed that the red dust was harmless to life on Earth. Nathan: We were wrong. We're at the threshold right now. Julie: So we can't use the red dust anymore without... Nathan: Without destroying all life on earth.

  • Elias: Willie, how'd you ever get into the Visitor army anyway? Willie: Drafted!

  • Mike: It's obvious that Bates is in bed with Diana. Willie: Really? I did not know that. Elias: It's a figure of speech, Willie. Willie: With Diana, one never knows.

  • Bates: I did this for you, you know.... Kyle: Business, Brinksmanship and bucks, three Bs. Kyle begins with a K, remember dad? So don't pin this one on me.... Bates: I suppose you think you'd be living here lizard free if it weren't for the open city agreement.... Kyle: Lizard free? What an interesting idea! too bad it doesn't really apply. Bates: Of course it does, for fifty miles within the confines of Los Angeles... Kyle: For now, while they chow down on the rest of the planet!

  • Mike: Tyler? Who would marry him?! Lydia: (pretending to be Julie) Mike, you're his best man!

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Notes (11)

  • Although credited, June Chadwick, Jennifer Cooke and Jeff Yagher dont appear.

  • The news reporter in the helicopter is played by Marc Singer's wife, Haunni Minn.

  • Although credited, Jeff Yagher doesn´t appear. Jenny Beck appeared only in a flashback.

  • Although credited as a guest star, Howard K. Smith doesn´t appear.

  • Although credited, June Chadwick doesn´t appear.

  • Although credited, Michael Wright doesn´t appear.

  • Although credited, Michael Ironside, Blair Tefkin and Michael Wright don´t appear.

  • Although credited, Jennifer Cooke and Faye Grant don´t appear.

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Trivia (2)

  • Goof: When Mike leads the resistance fighters to the mothership, he is seen wearing orange work gloves; once in the ship, his gloves are now a dirty tan when he attacks the security guard, yet go back to orange when they are in the mothership's control room.

  • Nitpick: During the scene where the alien visitor is pray to Zion, he tears away the flesh from his chest. When the scene keeps cutting back to him, the amount of flesh torn away changes.

Allusions (1)

  • Julie and the Club: "Stars & Stripes" American National Anthem Vs. Visitors' National Anthem.
    When a few Visitors push Willie off the piano bench and start playing their home anthem in their native language, Julie and the other cafe human customers gain their own resolve by singing "Stars & Stripes" and drive the Visitors out of the club, a la "Casablanca" when the club patrons sing the French National Anthem Vs. the Nazi Germany Anthem.