Vampire Knight

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Quotes (82)

  • (Flashback to a snowy night ten years ago) Yuki: It's cold . . . Juri: Pure white snow, Yuki. Yuki: What is pure white? What is snow? Juri: It is that which is not red. Yuki: Something that is red . . . is what?

  • Yuki: (about the vampires) I am a Guardian who protects Cross Academy, day and night. It would be disgraceful if I keep letting them bite me!

  • (Yuki is drying her hair in the Headmaster's bathroom) Yuki: (upset) Hey! Why'd you come in? Zero: If you have any complaints, blame the bath in the dorm which is closed at dusk. The Headmaster's bath is the only one I can use. (takes off his shirt) Yuki: Don't undress in front of a girl! You just thought, "Well I don't consider you a girl," didn't you? Fine then.

  • Kaname: No need to get so formal. I wish you'd relax. Yuki: Oh, but I owe you my life, Kaname. Kaname: (pats her head) Don't worry about it. It was so long ago.

  • (The Night Class is walking past the Day Class) Aido: Good morning, ladies. I heard you. You're as perky and cute as ever. Female student: Oh, Idol... Aido... Aido: Hi! Akatsuki: Hanabusa. Aido: So what? You're so stiff, Akatsuki. (Aido points his finger at one of the female students) Aido: Bang! (the girl faints) Female student: Shoot me, too!

  • (All the Day Class Students are assembled outside) Yuki: Okay, okay, step back! It's already curfew for all Day Class students. Return to your own dorm! Female Student: By you saying that, aren't you just trying to keep all of the Night Class to yourself, Cross-san? Just because you're the Headmaster's daughter... it's not fair!

  • Kaname: Kiryu... How are you feeling? (Zero is startled) Take care. Zero: (angry) Want to test me? I'm ready anytime ...Kuran.

  • (It's St Xocolatl's Day and the Day Class is giving chocolates to the Night Class) Aido: (bends down to wink at a female student) Say, what's your blood type? Female Student: I'm...I'm type O... (Yuki interrupts by blowing her whistle and stepping between Aido and the student) Yuki: Idol...I mean, Aido. Please only accept chocolates and their feelings! Aido: Oh...Sure, sure...

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Notes (75)

  • The closing theme music is "Still Doll" by Kanon Wakeshima.

  • The opening theme music is "Futatsu no Kodou to Akai Tsumi" by ON/OFF.

  • This episode is based on the 1st chapter of the Vampire Knight manga.

  • Romaji Episode Title: Banpaia no yoru

  • The same cast used for the Vampire Knight drama CD, will be used for the anime.

  • Kaname's name in the manga was written as Kaname Kuran, but on the anime's official site, it has been written as Kaname Clan. The same goes for Hanabusa Aido, Akatsuki Kain, Ruka Souen, and Rima Tohya. Their names are written as Hanabusa Idou, Akatsuki Cain, Luca Souien, and Rima Touya on the anime's website.

  • The closing theme music is "Still Doll" by Kanon Wakeshima.

  • The opening theme music is "Futatsu no Kodou to Akai Tsumi" by ON/OFF.

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Trivia (17)

  • Yuki dunks her head in the fountain, but her hair does not get wet.

  • Yuki manages to use her Artemis Rod in a pole vault-type maneuver.

  • Aido asking one of the girls what her blood type is has a double meaning. Of course, it refers to the fact that he is a vampire, but it also has to do with the fact that blood types are a way to measure compatibility between two persons.

  • In this episode, the vampires are shown to have special powers such as the power of fire or ice. This is not revealed in the manga until chapter 5.

  • Yuki relives her traumatic encounter with the vampire as a child, whenever she is alone in the town.

  • Kaname has the power to shatter things just by looking at them.

  • Only "Pureblood" vampires can turn a human into a vampire, by biting them.

  • The vampires on this show can smell blood, even from quite a distance.

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Allusions (3)

  • When Yuki falls asleep in class, Yori wakes her up by telling her that they are having Taiyaki for lunch. Yuki awakens with a start by saying that she'll have some. This is a reference to the character Ayu from Kanon who also likes Taiyaki. The voice actor for both Ayu and Yuki is Yui Horie.

  • St. Xocolatl's Day St. Xocolatl's Day is an obvious allusion to Valentine's Day, where people give chocolates and cards as gifts.

  • When Aido lies to Akatsuki about his "treasures", his nose grows bigger. This is an allusion to the story about the puppet, Pinocchio, where whenever Pinocchio would tell a lie, his nose would grow bigger.