Season 2, Ep 1, Aired 9/19/79
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  • Episode Description
  • Dawn Peters, a girl whom Two-Leaf knows comes to Vegas to do a favor for someone. While having a drink in the lobby, a man approaches them and goads Two-Leaf into a fight. Dawn lets Two-Leaf rest and places the knife that he carries with him on the table. She then makes a phone call. The next day she is dead, killed with Two-Leaf's knife and he has some scratches on his face. Nelson has no choice but to arrest him. Dan doesn't believe he's guilty but still has to prove it. Dan learns that she went to a Dr. Barrow, who tells her that she came for a vitamin shot. Merrill Wayne, a television reporter has been painting Two-Leaf in a bad light. When Two-Leaf watches her, he loses it. When a guard tries to calm him, Two-Leaf knocks him, takes his uniform and gets out of the jail. Dan learns that Dawn was once a call girl so he goes to where she worked and talked to the man in charge Shining. It seems that Dawn worked there before he joined and that she called to talk his partner who died recently. When Dan asks if he knows if she had any friends, he tells him about Cheryl Morrison, who is now married to a politician. Dan asks for her file but Shining is not about to give it up but Dan manages to get it. Dan, after learning about Two-Leaf, goes out to try and find him. When it's morning, he goes to see Mrs. Morrison and burns her file and asks her about Dawn. He tells her that their former boss called her and asked her to do a favor for him if he died. And it seems that he died while Dr. Barrow was operating on him, and that the doctor was the call girl service doctor but didn't like to be associated with them. She then gives Dan some medicine bottles that Dawn entrusted to her, it seems that they are for uppers and downers which have the name of the doctor who prescribed them scraped off the bottle. Two-Leaf then abducts Merrill Wayne, it seems that she has a gripe with Two-Leaf. He's out to find the truth and wants her with him, they begin by seeing the man he fought with in the hotel, it seems that it was staged. Dan and Nelson arrive after they leave, and he tells him that it was Barrow who hired him. Two-Leaf then goes to Barrow, and confronts him, who says that she knew that he killed her former boss when he operated on him, and that she had proof that the two of them were peddling drugs, and that she wanted him to give $50,000 to her boss' daughter. Fearing that Dawn will come back again killed her. Two-Leaf was distracted by Merrill for a moment, Barrow then pours ether on Two-Leaf, and runs away. Dan arrives in time to run him down and catch him. Merrill later apologizes to Two-Leaf.moreless

  • Cast & Crew
  • Judy Landers

    Angie Turner (1978-1979)

  • Will Sampson

    Chief Harlon Two Leaf

  • Greg Morris

    Lt. Dave Nelson

  • Bart Braverman

    Bobby Binzer

  • Tony Curtis

    Philip "Slick" Roth

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