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    Vega$ is a perfect time-capsule for the mid-late 1970s era of TV as well as the legend of Las Vegas.

    By winghop, May 23, 2006

    During Dan Tanna's reign in Vega$ the show, the city of Las Vegas was in its post-Rat Pack and pre-Corporation heyday. This meant it was OK to have a no-kids, adults-only kind of party without the guilt of political correctness!

    Dan Tanna was the ultimate high-roller. He knew the whole city, and everyone loved him. He was able to discover the crime, beat the criminal, save the day and get the girl all in a day's work. He never had to pay for anything, but he had the respect of everyone he encountered.

    Of course, the drive down the strip will never be high-speed again as it was in Dan Tanna's day, but this show can always be an accurate vision of what Vegas is all about!moreless

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