Veritas: The Quest

ABC (ended 2003)
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  • S 1 : Ep 13

    Helmholtz Resonance


  • S 1 : Ep 12



  • S 1 : Ep 11

    The Lost Codex


  • S 1 : Ep 10



  • S 1 : Ep 9

    Devil Child


  • Cast & Crew
  • Eric Balfour

    Calvin Banks

  • Alex Carter

    Solomon Zond

  • Arnold Vosloo

    Vincent Siminou

  • Ryan Merriman

    Nikko Zond

  • Cynthia Martells


  • show Description
  • What if you watched your mother mysteriously vanish in an ancient tomb? What if you discovered that your father was not who he seemed to be? What if the worst day of your life began your life's greatest adventure? Meet Nikko Zond, a hyper-intelligent but rebellious teenager still mourning the death of his renowned archeologist mother and a virtual stranger to his workaholic father, Solomon. On the day Nikko gets kicked out of the latest in a long line of boarding schools, he discovers his father's career as a university professor is just a cover. Solomon is really head of the Veritas Foundation, whose agenda is to seek the truth behind the mysteries of history and civilization. Teaming up for the first time with his father, Nikko finds his parents' spirit of adventure clearly runs in his blood, as he inadvertently gets entangled in his dad's dangerous adventures. Soon, and against his father's better judgment, Nikko enters the high tech, classified world of Veritas and begins the adventure of his lifetime - a journey that will lead to the unlocking of universal mysteries and, hopefully, will bring him and his emotionally estranged father back together. The Veritas team includes: The highly intelligent and mysterious Vincent Siminou, Solomon's closest confidant and protector; Calvin Banks, a high strung but brilliant by-the-books archaeologist; and Maggie, a cool and sophisticated computer scientist. And charged with the difficult task of trying to keep Nikko out of trouble is Juliet Droil, a beautiful and brilliant former student of his father's who will be Nikko's tutor and friend. From an excavation site of the pre-Roman civilization of Ancient Gaul to the North Pole, there is no place to which the Veritas Foundation will not venture in their mission for the truth. But a secret nefarious organization, seeking to destroy the Foundation's research, will never be far behind. The series stars Ryan Merriman as Nikko Zond, Alex Carter as Solomon Zond, Eric Balfour as Calvin Banks, Cynthia Martells as Maggie, Cobie Smulders as Juliet Droil with Arnold Vosloo as Vincent Siminou. "Veritas" was created by Patrick Massett and John Zinman ("Tomb Raider") who will serve as writers and executive producers. It also marks the first television series executive-produced by Craig Zadan and Neil Meron (TV's critically-acclaimed "Annie" and "Life with Judy Garland: Me and My Shadows"). The series is produced by Touchstone Television in association with Storyline Entertainment and Massett/Zinman Productions, and is shot in Montreal and Toronto, Canada.moreless

  • Trivia & Quotes
  • Quotes (38)

    • Nikko: Is my dad Batman?

    • Solomon: My wife uncovered something and I believe that's why she died. I want to know why Dorna is so worried about us figuring it out. What do they know? What are they hiding? Where's Vincent?

    • Maggie: (about Nikko) Good looking boy. Solomon Oh he's a handful, Maggie. Maggie: No more than he's supposed to be.

    • Nikko: Look can tell me what's up okay? I'm not ten years old anymore. Solomon: No, no you're not. Look Nikko, believe me, there's a lot of stuff. I just...I can't explain this to you right now. You're just going to have trust me, ok? Nikko: What? Like the way you trust me Dad?

    • Nikko: So what's in the case Dad? Cash? Golden idol? Answers to the SAT?

    • Nikko: (after car chase) Hey, dad. I think I'm ready to go back to school now.

    • Maggie: They took the bait. Solomon: They're still coming, if that's what you mean.

    • Solomon: You got the wheel, Maggie. You're my eyes. What do you want me to do?

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    Notes (9)

    • Solomon said that the Chilton pyramid was "identical" to the pyramid at Giza (Egypt); that pyramid is currently 449.5 feet high(137m), about half the height of the Eiffel Tower. According to the PBS series NOVA, the base would then be 756 feet(230 m) and would cover 13 hectares, or 10 football fields would be able to cover the base's area.

    • Calvin tells Nikko and Juliette that he was 16 and a college freshman when he met Solomon.

    • The third skull was bought - for $5 million- by Euro1- a neoNazi group- chaired by Heinrich Cordoba, the man Bella double-crossed at the top of the episode.

    • Where all the skulls were found: Skull 1- Outside of London, England Skull 2- On a sunken atoll, Indian Ocean Skull 3- Niger, Africa Skull 4- In a 'lost' Nazi bunker under Berlin, Germany

    • Due to the show's continuous poor ratings this was the series finale.

    • This episode never aired due the show's cancellation.

    • The episode is available on Internet.

    • This episode was never aired due the show's cancellation.

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    Trivia (3)

    • In the maps of Antarctica, the U.S. is shown as owning Norway's Antarctic claim, and the Australian claim is labeled as Russian. Writers, please buy a map! The DOE researcher says that all G8 nations have claims on sections of Antarctica, but France & Britain are the only G8 nations with claims to Antarctic territory: the USA and Russia have no current claims, but "reserve the right" to make claims in the future. (The "right"?) Currently about 2/3 of Antarctica is split between Australia, New Zealand and Argentina.

    • Opening shot of Berlin is actually showing Cologne (ca. 600 kilometers west of Berlin).

    • Nikko has less blood on the right side of his face in the shot just after the guards leave, at about 24 minutes into the episode.

    Allusions (6)

    • Nikko: (to Calvin, during turbulence) Hey, easy, Chuck Yeager! Refers to the famous Air Force test pilot.

    • Bella: I think we're gonna need a bigger van. This refers to the line and situation in the movie Jaws, when Roy Schneider sees the shark for the first time and lets Robert Shaw know.

    • Juliet: Go get it, Indiana.
      Indiana Jones is a fictional archaeologist who hunts down artifacts in the movies such as Indiana and The Temple of Doom, (1984).

    • Calvin: This kid is…a freak of Berlitz nature.
      Berlitz< is a language school, which teaches languages using its own method.

    • Calvin: If I had known you were going to borrow CD's I would have brought the Back Street Boys. The Backstreet Boys are a famous boy band from the USA.

    • Nikko: Feed me, Seymour.
      This is a memorable quote from the movie Little Shop of Horrors, (1986).

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  • Fan Reviews (18)
  • They should BRING Veritas back,it had good ratings, then they went and cancelled it very few shows interest me but this show was changing my perspective as well as most people i think the network should come to their senses and bring Veritas BACK NOW

    By Dreamer186, Jan 15, 2008

  • This show was ahead of it's time.

    By ubhfs, Jan 13, 2008

  • It was the best show, I want them to bring it back. I know its been forever since the show has been on. I finally got all the episodes downloaded and watched!! Go me! :P p.s. this was updated in 2007

    By JC_Argue, Jun 19, 2005

  • I think this Tv show comparatively changed my world theory!

    By stargatelost, Jun 22, 2007

  • it was one of a kind. when is it back? i remeber rushing from work to watch it. gutted when it got taken of the air. please bring it back.

    By kerryamber, Mar 16, 2007

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