Veronica Mars: The Epic Love Triangle Continues in This New Footage from the Film (VIDEO)

By Kaitlin Thomas

Oct 29, 2013

Someday, students of history will look back on this time period and discuss—at great length, I hope—shipping wars. What they are, why they were important to our psyche and our popular culture, and most importantly, who was involved in them. Can't you just picture a class that focuses on Logan Echolls and Stosh "Piz" Piznarski the way our history classes covered Joseph Stalin and the Red Scare? A seminar that deals with life's really big questions and attempts to understand what life was like before the invention of the DVR? (I imagine that future scholars will refer to that time period the Great Depression Part II.)

Naturally, all history textbooks will include an entire chapter dedicated to Veronica Mars and the 90,000+ fans who pooled their allowance to get a film made after the TV series was unceremoniously canceled without resolving the most epic of love triangles. And yes, I mean epic.

The video below will accompany those textbooks. Released today, it not only contains some new footage from the Veronica Mars movie, it also features the project's actors and producers declaring their support for either Team Logan (Jason Dohring) or Team Piz (Chris Lowell), and explaining where Veronica is at the start of the flim and what brings her back to Neptune. I have pledged my allegiance to Logan Echolls, but either I've gotten soft in my old age or Chris Lowell has worn me down over the years, because I now at least understand the draw of Piz. (This will eventually be known as Piznarski Syndrome.)

It really should go without saying that this clip contains spoilers for the movie, because it includes new footage, so if you OMGTOTALLYDON'TWANTTOKNOWANYTHING, don't watch it. But if you're like me and you can't get enough of the Logan Echolls Smolder (TM), go ahead and click play!



So, are you Team Logan? Or do you subscribe to the Stosh "Piz" Piznarski School of Nice Guys? Follow up question: How damn excited are you for this movie?

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  • Katerine_M Dec 05, 2013

    Who is Piz?

    I'm completely serious... I don't remember anybody named, "Piz," from the TV show...

  • efonsecajr Staff Dec 04, 2013

    This all makes sense to me now having marathoned the series recently. Think I am on team VM+Mac...

  • JT_Kirk Nov 03, 2013

    Wait, Beav gets no love just because he's... DEAD?!? And a murderer? And he raped Veronica? Oh, wait, those are all good reasons not to include him. I guess I'll just vote "Logan".

  • katelynsunday Oct 30, 2013

    I've always been a giant Logan shipper from the first time he showed up at her doorstep. I never understood Piz at all, I guess the trailer at least shows me why some people would want him to be with Veronica.

  • hbf716 Oct 30, 2013

    I have loved Logan since the first time he asked Veronica for help. The trailer worries me. How do we root against Piz if they are having him be the perfect guy? Oh man, I love Logan and I will be crushed if he and Veronica don't end up together. They were always so exciting and fun and they challenged each other. The ending to Veronica Mars sucked but, at least I could imagine Veronica - after realizing how much Logan loved her - racing back to him, jumping into his arms, macking on him hard, and living happily ever after.

  • eliana1st Oct 30, 2013

    do i think logan is good for V? no
    do i think LoVe is an epic love and needs closure on screen? yes

  • ArielMcRoy Oct 30, 2013

    Logan. No other choice.

  • RebeccaRogers4 Oct 30, 2013

    I don't care if it's a movie review. I'm excited. Can't wait to see Dick again.

  • MightyMad Oct 30, 2013

    So... are we going to start doing movie reviews on this site now?
    Cause, yeah, it's Veronica Mars, and we're excited about it... but it's a film now.
    Are we going to start talking about the Entourage movie too?

  • daeonica Oct 30, 2013

    Aww, c'mon ... don't be that way.

  • MightyMad Oct 30, 2013

    Yeah, you're right... love trailer! Thanks, Kaitlin!

  • sluu3p18 Oct 29, 2013

    Not much of an "epic" love triangle when Logan wins hands down. I don't even know what the Piz ship is called. Viz? Pironica? No contest, between the two, LoVe wins.

    As for the future history students discussing shipping wars of this time period, they're better off debating Bangel vs Spuffy and Delena vs Stelena.

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