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  • 7.5

    After setting up a new business helping classmates dig up dirt on their parents, Veronica uncovers a huge revelation about her friend "Mac". Keith must team up with Sheriff Lamb to track down a serial killer.

    By andrada_charmed, Jun 07, 2011

    After setting up a new business helping classmates dig up dirt on their parents, Veronica uncovers a huge revelation about her friend "Mac" which leaves her wondering if some information is best left unknown.Meanwhile, Keith must team up with Sheriff Lamb to track down a serial killer.

    cute episode

    Veronica: You're teaming up with Lamb? Keith: It's a bitter pill, I know, but they're paying me my normal hourly. Veronica: And Lamb agreed to this? His head didn't explode? Keith: The mayor didn't give him a choice. I'm the closest thing they have to an E-String Strangler authority. And it's a big priority for the mayor. A killer preying on partying college girls tends to kill the spring break business. Veronica: So this is all about tourist revenue? God bless America.moreless

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  • 7.0

    I\'d be lying if I said I liked this episode. There were some great points, but all in all - it was just a piece of junk with a great performance of Mac!

    By mapleleaflady, Jun 07, 2011

    First the storyline. OK, I get the copycat murders, but why team Keith up with Lamb? I mean, there were cases before, much more important in my opinion, and were left alone to Sheriff\'s Department to deal with, not to Keith. So this was a surprise, not a pleasant one. I expected more dirt out of Lamb mouth also.

    What also struck me as impossible was Veronica\'s sudden cash miracle - Get-A-Dirt-opalooza. I mean, after watching her I don\'t think she would go that far for anyone. Not even to crash an 09er spirit.

    And - what am I, a pep? I mean come one, \"girl falls for a boy?\" How cheesy is that, how not-Veronica to think? Leo was maybe a breeze of fresh air, but definitely the kind of air Veronica breathes. She couldn\'t simply fall for Leo so quickly, it took her a crashed spirit to hook up with Troy the last time, so forgive me if I\'m not buying this.

    Too little Wallace in the episode, and of course Weevil helping her out - gosh.

    Not enough good lines, although I have to give writers credit for Twilight Zone. Don\'t really see the Thomas Harris reference, sorry.

    What I liked about it was Mac. Interesting plot, although I didn’t really understand that part about money (I mean, if the shop went broke, why didn\'t her father buy it again with the switch money? unless he did and he was still working in it just for fun... yeah, good one!). Mac was a nice change and real friend to Veronica - not Lilly type. I like the character, I hope she will be back someday.

    However, the music compensated for at least part of the episode - it was well chosen to illustrate all situations Mac or Veronica were in.

    But I am waiting for episodes resembling the first 5 or 6 - gripping and emotional, unraveling the mystery bit by bit.moreless

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  • 9.4

    How did I totally forget about this episode? It's really good.

    By verbaldaggers, Apr 23, 2008

    Veronica starts digging up dirt for her classmate's on their parents. While doing this for Mac Veronica discovers she was switched at birth. Silence of the Lamb is a top rate Veronica Mars, all aspects of the episode are great. Mac's story is well paced nicely thought out and executed perfectly. Mac is a very sweet character and we can really get on board with her story. This episode has the introduction of love interest Leon, who is charming and very cute. The Keith and Sheriff Lamb parts builds quite a allot of tension as well as offering some great comedy at Lamb's expense. It's also nice to see the Lilly murder case re surface after being put on the back burner for the last few episodes. Silence of the Lamb is a special Veronica Mars episode full of the show dramatic charm.moreless

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  • 9.4


    By cavanagh15, Jan 31, 2008

    Not one mention of the stabbing that happened in the last episode made me wonder what the writers were thinking. Then I saw that at the last minute this episode and the previous were switched in the season lineup to leave a better cliffhanger. Understandable I suppose, but not the course of action I would have taken. I thought the teen case in this one was really good. Similar to the Wallace case earlier in the year I feel that we really got to know a little bit more about Mac in this episode and I thought her story was really interesting and kind of sad. If the writers can write something to make you feel for a character, they did a very good job here. Keith Mars is the other lead of the show, but I just dont really like him in the scenes without Veronica. There were a few good scenes in this episode with him in it, but for the most part I tune into the show for all the teenage stuff. Perhaps I simply relate to them because I am one of them - but I simply am not feeling any storyline hes got going on. Lots of devolopment in the Lily Kane murder and I was actually surprised by the twist. Some may have seen it coming but I didnt think Clarience would have gotten back to back things fall onto him. I thought it was going to go to someone else. Either way - great episode, but a poor decision by the writers to put it behind Echolls Christmas lowered the grade for me.moreless

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  • 9.8

    GREAT installment too...

    By i5star, Jul 27, 2006

    This episode is very sad and emotional.

    We learn that Mac family is one of the o9ners because she was changed at birth with another baby, a girl that hates her.

    I loved how Veronica finds secrets of parents from people in school and make money out of this, it was all fun. Bu t the Mac thing really was very sad...

    Veronica maybe in the same situation as Mac or something very similar but she doesnt want to know the thruth. If I were her I would have opened that envelope, I think...

    I cannot be true that she is the sister of Duncan, that cannot be...

    Well that's all for VM for now :)moreless

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  • 10

    My favorite episode of the series ever. Mac shines!

    By MattFan, Jun 22, 2006

    This episode is very rare. Its rare because Kirsten Bell although great in this episode does not steal the show, like she usually does no that award goes to Tina Majorino who plays computer nerd Mac.

    Veronica gets a new career in uncovering dirt on other students parents. Man, I really wish Veronica went to my school I mean her classmates really underrate her someone steals your lunch money you run to Veronica, and bam they are brought to justice. We see veronica in her office aka The girl\'s bathroom which makes her the female Fonz where Mac walks in, and over hears Veronica conversation with another student which deals with her mom becoming an actress where Veronica gives a shout out to

    Later, Mac comes in Mars Investigations with a proposition to join her in a new company which will use Mac\'s computer skills and Veronica\'s detective skills to rule the world. Unfortunately, Veronica declines. However Mac does use this time to ask Veronica to help her discover whether or not she was adopted. Veronica does this where she discovers that Mac was sitched at birth with rich and nasty Madison Sinclair. She tells Mac, who tries to accept it.

    We really get to see that sweet and strong character that Mac really has. The scene at the end of the episode where Mac sees her birth mom is so touching. This episode really does have you loving Mac. Also when Veronica, Wallace, and Mac crash Madison party its a really funny scene.

    On the flip side, Keith Mars after being approach by the Mayor must team up with Barney Five son, Sherrif Don Lamb. Which shows just how realistic this show really is in showing that idoits do have power cough Bush. The odd Couple must track down a serail killer. The two actors both have great chemistry together, and are indeed great actors. Their scenes together are extremely funny you see how stupid Neptune is for getting rid of Keith, and keeping Lamb.

    The episode also introduces Deputy Leo, veronica future Love slave, or boyfriend, but with the way Veronica treats him I will go with Love Slave who in this episode we discover plays in a band, which Veronica joins him in were Keith bust in with his gun out in a great scene.

    Logan Echolls and Duncan Kane don\'t appear in this episode.

    Overall, this episode is Funny and Great. Its so perfect, and flawless you really can watch this episode again and again.moreless

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  • 7.6

    Not really compairable to Silence of the Lambs.

    By Stijbeta, Jun 02, 2006

    Judging by the title I actually thought that this episode was going to involve several murders. And not that I mention this, they did. The strangler guy. I can\'t believe I forgot that even though it\'s been only several minutes since I finished watching this Veronica Mars episode.

    I love the bit where she sets up a little business for the students at her school where they can request information about their parents, I\'ve always wondered why she didn\'t do that sooner. From the moment I had access to such an extensive database of information I\'d be selling it on eBay. Not that that\'s allowed, so I don\'t get why Veronica is doing it.

    I really hope I get to see more of Mac and her real family, it\'d be great if she went from the poor life that she has to the life of a true rich kid.

    And yes, like I mentioned before, I had already forgotten about the murders. I never pay any attention to Veronica\'s dead and his storylines, the might look spectaculair and exciting on paper, but they\'re not on the small screen.moreless

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  • 8.6

    One good plot, one bad plot

    By attilasd, May 30, 2006

    The plot line with Mac was absolutely phenomenal! Some of the best writing this season, which is saying a lot. It was absolutely bone-chilling the way things played out. It is so unfair that Madison ends up with all the money in the world with rich parents so she's totally spoiled, while Mac ends up with parents who force her to go on camping trips. But her adopted parents still love her, which makes it all that more difficult for her.

    Now, the whole serial killer thing was just boring. It was hard to follow what was going on. And Lamb was as annoying as ever. Although I do like Leo. I hope he's on more often.moreless

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  • 10

    This is one of my favorite episodes from season 1 just developing Mac's character made me think she would become a regular on Season Two. It sorprised me that did not happened.

    By drageriuz, May 04, 2006

    Silence of the Lamb. Is my unforgetable episode. Mac is my favorite non-regular character so this was exactly wat I expected from her, a great story but not too crazy well maybe crazy but well handle, cause it was exciting but not lame.

    I hope Mac becomes a regular next season that would be great.

    Veronica Mars Tuesdays 9/8c on UPN

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