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  • 9.5

    Veronica is hired to investigate what seems to be a hate crime. Logan invites Veronica to a party he's throwing for Parker's birthday, and Wallace encourages Pizz to "go all in" and reveal his feelings to Veronica once and for all.

    By InsanelyInsane, Feb 03, 2008

    This episode by far made the season. Just how Piz showed his feeling to Veronica by kissing her like that and how he finished her sentence right after was amazing. The music scheme for that moment was perfect. even when wallace asked what happened and piz just said "i went all in" plus how veronica chased after him and when Veronica kisses piz in front of the elevator and at that moment the elevator door opens and logan sees them you can see that logan's heart broke and veronica felt bad. The rest of the episode was just nothing compared to the ending.moreless

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  • 8.8

    It was an ok episode, but they can do better.

    By -vesper-, May 09, 2007

    I usually enjoy the cases in this show. But this one was an exception. Some redneck vandalizing a restaurant isn't something I would call interesting. As the case wasn't that fulfilling, I concentrated on the relationship drama instead. Mac and Max were so cute together that I forgot Bronson even existed. Did the writers forget too? You'd think that there would be some sign of him, because Mac was there. The situation will probably lead to Mac having to make a decision between the two guys. Then there was the couple with the least chemistry ever: Logan and Parker. They somehow mysteriously got together and suddenly Logan is throwing her a birthday party? Excuse me, did I miss something? Ok, maybe that happened when we weren't looking but when did Logan turn into such a goody-boy? The cake thing was incredibly cheesy in my opinion. I thought that I wouldn't like Parker/Logan and I was right. Veronica and Piz weren't so bad (I was surprised about that). I have nothing against Piz, he's a nice guy and all but I really didn't see anything between him and V before. But their kiss was actually quite sweet. Too bad that Piz is going to get hurt anyway, because he's just a rebound for Veronica. I don't mind Logan and Veronica having a little fun on the side, as long as they realize that in the end they are 'meant to be' (sorry for the cheesy line). So overall, this episode wasn't the best but it was worth watching.moreless

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  • 6.1

    The third season comes back from the long hiatus - the long anticipated launch into the last few episodes - and nothing really happens.

    By Shivkala, May 07, 2007

    The long break is over, Veronica Mars finally comes back, this time with self-contained episodes. And is the first one a big, witty, intelligent nail-biter? Hardly.

    Veronica investigates a hate crime that she solves in about 25 minutes featuring a lot of politcal correctness, true American values and a quite some ethical behaviour. Come on, this has nothing to do with "thought-provoking", but with hammering home cliché morals.

    Keith is on the second case of the evening, letting his unmotivated deputies check local bars for minors. When Keith finds that Veronica faked some IDs to get her friends into said bars, there was a lot of potential for some strong scenes between Keith and Veronica, but the one and a half scenes covering that aspect were very weak indeed, a slap on the fingers from Keith, and Veronica is good to go.

    Which left the party, which was the only part worth watching in this episode. It covered the last 10 minutes, had nothing to do with the rest of the episode and needed a bit of backstory on the characters to really enjoy - meaning, if the idea was to bring in new viewers with the stand alone approach - this episode failed.moreless

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  • 9.9

    This episode was mediocre until the party scene. At which point, I was reminded just how wonderful Veronica Mars is. I didn't think the writers would be able to get me to root for Piz but as usual I underestimated the just how good the writers are.

    By Ellen416, May 07, 2007

    So, the terrorism mystery was mediocre although decent, the Keith scenes were charming and funny, but the ending turns this merely average episode into a great one.

    Before the party scene, I was a devote Logan. Veronica fan. I hated the idea of Veronica and Piz and thought that it was a going to a major mistake. Now I see how wrong I was.

    The way that the scene was played was just perfect -- from Wallace telling Veronica to be nice, to Veronica's rejection of Piz, to Logan catching them at the elevator. I loved how Piz stopped Veronica by kissing her -- the poker metaphor of "all in" was great. After all, it made a lot of sense -- what did he have to lose by just kissing her instead? The acting was just great -- Veronica moving from shocked to realizing that maybe she shouldn't have been so hasty about rejecting Piz. The way it ended with Logan seeing them at the end was a bit cheesey but so well acted -- Logan's facial expressions perfectly replace all need for words -- that you felt like it was okay for Veronica to move on with Piz.

    I'm just so amazed by how great those last few minutes of the episode are. After being to treated to such a perfect performance, I don't think I'll have any trouble seeing Piz and Veronica together.moreless

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  • 9.9

    Loved it! Finally, some sparks in Veronica's love life!

    By spider_junk, May 05, 2007

    I love Veronica Mars with or without the love drama, but I must admit some drama helps :)) I've always been against Piz and Veronica as a couple but after this episode I might be coming around. Logan as a perfect boyfriend to...Parker is very disturbing to me. It's like Veronica fixed Logan, and now Parker is getting all the benefits. But the "love square" is definitely gonna be entertaining.

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  • 9.8

    Thoughts of the episode...

    By toopredictable, May 05, 2007

    One of my favorites!! This episode to me is one of the best. For the first time I completely gave up on Logan and Veronica. Don't get me wrong the Logan and Veronica relationships was basically why I have been so excited about the show but lets face it, it's over. Especially after Parker, Logan is not as amazing for Veronica as most of us thought. I usually hate the party scenes in any show. They tend to go on an on. I lose interest in the plot most of the time. However this episode I loved it. There was just so much going on. From the beginning of the episode I thought that Veronica and Piz would get together just because she seemed to finally see him not just as a goofy friend and he finally let out his feelings for her. The kiss on the balcony makes me want more! I am so happy that he finally got the confidence to do something to further the relationship! The only thing that I believe could have made it a little better was if Logan looked even a little hurt when he got off the elevator. He just seemed like he knew that they would get together but he didn't care too much. The mystery of the episode wasn't my personal favorite but it wasn't that bad. It made sense for this time with people judging others. I think it also gave people knowledge that not people of certain ethnic backgrounds are terrorists. This episode may be controversial to some but I think the makers of Veronica Mars handled it perfectly.moreless

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  • 8.0

    Veronica is back after the worst hiatus ever.

    By electricpeppers, May 04, 2007

    Ok so this episode wasn't as dreadful as I had expected. The switch to a standalone format for these last 5 episodes (probably ever) of the season is still ridiculous. I thought the MotW was pretty dull, and the woman whom played the daughter could not act to save her life. Also the mother had a terrible accent; she sounded more Russian come Italian than like someone from the Middle East. I want a MotW that isn't so straight forward and PC. The mystery itself was a tad jumpy, and I didn't feel as though we were covering any new ground here. It was just boring I guess; although the episode itself wasn't awful by any means. I loved all the callbacks and Mac/Max! Dick is amusing for the most part, but he seriously contributes nothing to any episode other than silly jokes. He needs some decent story lines or get rid of him, he's stealing screentime from characters I care about. And why on earth did Veronica drink from anything Dick had? He put GHB in his girlfriends drink for goodness sake. These writers have some serious continuity issues. Now onto happier things... Wallace! How much do I love him, let me count the ways. It has been a long while and I liked the dynamic between he and Piz. I was pleased to see Wallace telling Veronica not to lead Piz on... I'm glad he didn't encourage Piz to go after Ronnie. I thought that's what a true friend would do, especially since Ronnie is still hung up on Logan. More Wallace in the future please!

    Parker was basically non-existent here. I could take or leave her I think, unless she impresses me in a future episode. What the hell has happened to Logan? He's lost his spark, I do hope JD is playing him this way on purpose. Speaking of what the hell... the faces on a cake! YIKES. I think Logan is attempting to convince himself he is over Veronica, this is the only explanation for the cheesiness of said cake. Either that or he has been castrated, let's hope it's the former. The Piz and Veronica kiss. While I have issues with the idea of someone forcing themselves on someone who has told them to back off, I didn't think it was as awful as I had imagined. Piz is clearly rebound and I felt bad for Logan having to witness Veronica kissing her brother, since that's what they feel like to me. It's just incredibly wrong. I hope that future episodes are much better, because this episode just didn't cut it. Better mysteries and less melodrama please.moreless

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  • 10


    By Flintstonesgrl, May 04, 2007

    O MAN O MAN i just watched this episode it was good. The beginning was ok but the end FANTASTIC. i mean i love logan and veronica together but thats not going to happen (tear) but piz and veronica make a great couple to and i hope they get together. Its sad only in that we all know logan and veronica still have feelings for each other. I have been watching this show since it firts started and i never get tired of it. It is fantastic watch this show and you will deff love it and get hooked forever!moreless

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  • 10

    Season three comes with an up again, finally!

    By spn88, May 04, 2007

    I loved the first season, loved the second season. And almost love this third one! It's very good, very bad, all at the same time. Something I really like are the small cases, that are solved around every sixth episode. Now "Un-American Graffiti" was a very witty (as always) episode, which, though it gets a little annoying, that every case is connected to the people on the campus, was able to impress me in many different ways. It included some very exciting character development. Finally Veronica is over Logan. It also had the beloved characters from the earlier seasons included. If the show continues this way, I would be happy to see it back this fall!moreless

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