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  • Kirsty Alley is best known for her role of playing Rebecca howl on the tv series Cheers

  • The original, unaired pilot featured Jamey Sheridan in the role of Bryce. The producers recast the role with Christopher McDonald sometime over the summer and the scenes featuring Sheridan were reshot. Several early press reports and fall 1997 announcements of the show listed Sheridan as the second star behind Kirstie Alley, so it's very likely that Bryce was originally intended to be a regular character and not recurring.

  • The actress who played Amber is uncredited.

  • Perry's new words were: Accribitz - to increase Deccribitz - to decrease

  • Josh's new word was: Perugulate - a verb that probably means to peruse

  • Virginia's new words were: Confluge - to mix two things together Kermiskate - "I thought maybe it could be a verb."

  • Robert Prosky does not appear in this episode.

  • Ronnie's crippled canine, Buddy, is played by a bulldog named Molly, who is not handicapped in real life.

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