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  • S 1 : Ep 7

    Christmas Special

    Aired 12/27/13

  • S 1 : Ep 6

    Series 1 Episode 6

    Aired 6/10/13

  • S 1 : Ep 5

    Series 1 Episode 5

    Aired 6/3/13

  • S 1 : Ep 4

    Series 1 Episode 4

    Aired 5/20/13

  • S 1 : Ep 3

    Series 1 Episode 3

    Aired 5/13/13

  • Cast & Crew
  • Derek Jacobi

    Stuart Bixby

  • Ian McKellen

    Freddie Thornhill

  • Frances De La Tour

    Violet Crosby

  • Iwan Rheon

    Ash Weston

  • Philip Voss


  • show Description
  • Acting legends Sir Ian McKellen and Sir Derek Jacobi star in this sitcom as Freddie and Stuart, a bickering couple living in London who are joined by their best friend Violet and new younger neighbour Ash.

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    • Violet: (to Ash) Has anybody ever said you remind them of Zac Efron? (aside to Stuart) That's a person, right? Or is it a place?
      Stuart: This is our friend, Violet, actually...
      Freddie: Yes, she's our friend. And Stuart here is my friend.
      Ash: (a bit confused) Ahhh, OK.
      Violet: Haven't I seen you in my yoga class? I go to yoga. I'm great fun.
      Ash: I don't think so.
      Violet: Well, I'm certain I know you. Have you ever been to Zac Efron? (aside to Stuart) I'm covered either way now.

    • Penelope: (doorbell rings) Oh what's happening? What is that?
      Stuart: That must be our new neighbor.
      Violet: The boy from the toilet? The one who was flirting with me shamelessly?
      Freddie: No. This is a person who exists.

    • Violet: Oh somebody do something; I'm so frightened I'm going to be raped.
      Freddie: For God's sake Violet, nobody wants to rape you!
      Violet: What an awful thing to say!

    • Violet: You let a complete stranger use your loo? What if he comes out and rapes me?
      Freddie: Let's cross that bridge when we come to it, shall we?

    • Freddie: Ash was just telling us about this drug addicted slag who's broken his heart.
      Ash: She's actually a nurse.
      Violet: Well maybe you should try dating someone a bit older.
      Stuart: Yeah, ah Violet, stop turning your head to flirt. Your neck keeps cracking.
      Freddie: Ash was just asking for advice about women.
      Violet: Then why did he come here?
      Freddie: We don't like those kinds of jokes.

    • Penelope: Are all these girls prostitutes?
      Violet: No, that's just how they dress. Everyone's very proud of their vaginas now. In our day you never discussed such things.
      Penelope: I've never even seen mine.

    • Freddie: Where are you going all tarted up?
      Stuart: I told you, I'm going to see my mother.
      Freddie: Tell her I said hello... and to walk toward the light.

    • Freddie: Now I want you to be brutally honest. I've got this audition tomorrow. Do you think I can pass for fifty?
      Stuart: I'm not even sure you could pass for alive.

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