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    Victoria Beckham is such a fabulous person. She's living the good life if you haven't noticed.

    By MegStar14, Dec 31, 2007

    Victoria is one of my all time favorite celebs. She is a talented singer and such a fashion guru. She's an inspiration. I love her hair. I wish mine was as pretty as hers. Even though she's too thin, I think she's a great person. Perez can backoff. She is NOT a total robot. Victoria is just the best!! If you don't like her that's your problem. But if you do like her then you rock! Victoria has such a great life with 3 precious kids, a smokin' hot husband, and a great career. I hope she doesn't ruin it like how Britney and Lindsay did.moreless

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    Rubbish, completely rubbish.

    By sfviewer, Jul 24, 2007

    Attempting to capitalize on the success of reality shows like The Osbournes or The Simple Life. Here comes another one, and there's a twist, it's british. It lacks the fast cuts of american reality shows, but this show is so slow and so pointless. We're supposed to watch Posh Spice adjusting to her life in the US. This is enough to make me not want to see another reality show. It's a bad concept, poorly executed and the main subject is overly self indulging. She's stepping on Nicole and Paris territory. Those brats are enough to end reality shows about rich people. We don't need another one.moreless

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    I just love the Beckham's

    By kristifsteph, Jul 23, 2007

    I just would like to say how proud I am of the American public in the way we have supported and welcomed the Beckham's to our country. I watched the show "Victoria Beckham Coming to America" and I just loved it. She is soooo funny as well as beautiful. She seems so down to earth, not at all what I expected. I wish the Beckham's nothing but the best and I hope, for as long as Victoria will do it, the show will continue. Please be very careful in California, you know,, I loved that...


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    Somehow Victoria remainds me of I love Lucy. The show it's a must see. Good to laugh with.

    By AMERICASP7, Jul 20, 2007

    I watched it yesterday night at 9:00pm. It had me laughing through the entire show. She is very funny and the people that she met were FABOULUS! I have got to say that she is unique. I loved the show so much that for the first time I’ve decide to write a review for a show. I am going to definitely tell my friends and family to watch it. I also thought that the mermaid lady was hilarious. I think the peculiar situations that Victoria gets into are marvelous and she somehow overcomes all the hurdles. She definitely gives the Hollywood spotlight a different light. This show is a must see. I will be watching this show every week.moreless

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    Uh, why is this in the Top 100 most popular shows on TV.COM?

    By SoylentYellow, Jul 20, 2007

    Why do people care about a massively overpaid European soccer star who came to America with his wife? I mean really... why? why? why? Ok they are both hot - but so what? Is that it?

    Id rather watch an episode of "Homeboys In Outer Space" than this thing.

    Eddie Murphy in "Coming to America" was reasonably funny. This? Total crap. Send this overpaid, overhyped clown and his wife back across the pond - America already has more than enough self absorbed celebrities already. The shopping, the trendy restaurants, and more sutff thats been seen 100 times on other socalled reality shows focused on celebrities. Good thing this bloody mess is a one shot deal. Its bloody awful! As the Brits would say.moreless

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    this show made me laugh from start to finish!

    By Crayon90, Jul 19, 2007

    i heard about this show on one of those celebrity news thing and i was like wow everybody these days is making a show so i decided let me watch i watch the first 5 minites of it and i couldnt stop laughing i never she was so funny and and david looking better than ever they seem like a normal family that are moving to LA and learning american ways and all the crazy things that happen such as the blow up doll and the driving with the spanish licence and when she went to the neighbors and met the ladies and the lady who can do a dolphin impression this show is really funny and it is really fun to watch!!!!!~!!!moreless

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    Totally hilarious! Victoria Beckham's antics made me laugh so much! Has to be the best celebrity reality TV show I've seen in a while!

    By luvos_united, Jul 18, 2007

    Well, I kind of missed the beginning because I wasn't too keen on watching another celebrity making a fool of themselves on a reality TV show.

    But my sister and brother was watching it and I could hear them laughing from upstairs in my room. So I came down and whaddaya know? I loved every minute of it!

    The show depicted how much of a family oriented person Victoria Beckham really is and that she's smarter than anyone may think she is.

    I loved how she endured all the plastic surgeoned blondes saying that she needs to make friends with these women so her kids would have friends - she put her family first even though you can see that she was uncomfortable around them - especially when they started talking about money. (And she started itching! LOL!)

    The earthquake scene was by far one of the funniest scene in the show and how she completely forgot what she was taught as soon as the earthquake simulator started.

    "Can you see my knickers?" - had me laughing for 5 minutes straight!

    Also, when they went to the adult store to buy a blow up doll to fool the paparazzi. Their faces were hilarious when they found out they were taking photos of a blow up sex doll!

    And finally, the funniest line by far had to be:

    "I wouldn't do that if I were you... It eats it's own poo you know!" - at the end of the credits when the Personal Assistant was allowing the dog to lick her face.

    LMAO! And her PA's face after she said it! Classic!moreless

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    Possibly one othe worst shows i have ever seen....she is trying so hard to be 'normal' it's embarrasing to watch.

    By rajdhillonuk, Jul 17, 2007

    Note to victoria beckham- when you have to employ an actress to act as your assistant, all for 'dramatic effect' then you should realise at that point that you have absolutely nothing to give to the viewing public. You have a sense a humour though, I'll give you that- you must have been laughing your head off thinking of the poor idiots (myself included) who had to endure an hour of this dross. And, my, was it painful. Why do you make things worse for yourself, Mrs Beckham?

    Word of advice- just stick to the shopping and hanging out with your famous friends. Unless you want to do a Brangelina and save the entire world. Mmmm- posh saving the orphans of the world in her Manolo heels and perfect manicure....maybe not.

    Oh, and by the way, you say that Americans don't get your sense of humour because it's British. I'M British and I didn't get it- what's all that about?moreless

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    "the aliens are coming" and hilarity ensues

    By histnerd, Jul 17, 2007

    i'll admit it i was a spice girls freak (come one spice girls tour ticket lottery), a football fan (yea manu), and an all around anglophile. but even without all of that this show was hilarious. i've yet to delete it from my dvr. victoria's hilarious in general. but she was probably most funny when making fun of herself. the best part ever" "why would anyone think i was a blowup doll?" as she then proceeds to open her mouth in the vacant o/blow up doll manner. i hear that this was going to be a series of specials and at the last minute they changed it to the one 1 hour special. sad, so sad. i would have tuned in regularly. exactly what celebrity reality (can we still call it celebreality when it's not on vh1?) tv should be... if u missed if, find it soon.moreless

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