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    A decent sketch show, but with some problems

    By MagnusDonaldson, Dec 01, 2007

    Victoria Wood is a funny comedienne, but this show unfortunetly does not quite live up to her comedic pedigree. It would start with some of her standup, then would feature a range of different sketches and the regular serial, Acorn Antiques. Now don't get me wrong, the sketches on this show are well written and it's all good, clean fun. But the real problem here is that most of the sketches are simply not funny. Let me put it this way: only one sketch in the entire two series broke me into hysterical laughter: the waitress sketch in Series 2, and even then that didn't have Victoria in it. Those of you who are major fans of Victoria Wood will undoubtedly love it, but as for me, I simply did not get a lot of the humor.moreless

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