Skoal! History Renews Vikings for Season 3

By Tim Surette

Mar 25, 2014

Puny Englishmen, don't get too comfortable. History has renewed its original drama Vikings for a third season, with a 10-episode order and a target date of 2015. By that time, Ragnar's son Bjorn might be 30-feet tall and as wide as a barn. That kid grew into a man and a half during the show's recent four-year time jump!

This renewal is as surprising as an English priest wetting himself in the face of a Viking attack, as Vikings has proven to be a hit for History. The show is consistently at the top of the cable charts on Thursday nights, averaging 3.4 million viewers per episode so far in its second season. 

History would also like you to know that Vikings Season 2 finale is scheduled for Thursday, May 1 and that there are six more episodes left in the season. It's not too late to catch up if you haven't yet checked out the show, and if you need some reasons why you should, I got them right here! A lot of people have asked me what I think of Season 2 so far, and after a soapy start, it seems to have gotten back to what made it so much fun in Season 1. Hmm, maybe I should start reviewing the show weekly...

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  • chorkzseb May 09, 2014

    I'm actually severely addicted to this! I need a time machine so I can go back and live as one myself...I'd love to be a shield maiden like Lagertha!

  • makeyoungastronomers Apr 28, 2014

    Best show that's come along in a long time. I love the authenticity and the characters, many of who are actual characters from history, Ragnar for instance is a real Viking, I don't want to be a buzz killer, but the information is already out there about what really happened to Ragnar, and how he met his death. It seems King Aelle finally gets his revenge on Ragnar by throwing him into a pit full of snakes. I wonder if the show will show this. Well I'm going to enjoy every minute of every episode for as many seasons as it lasts. I'm hooked!

  • proudz Apr 10, 2014

    Another Dane says SKÅL :-) This is indeed cause for a celebration, bringout the mjød and mushrooms :-D

  • christopherdo13 Apr 09, 2014

    Brilliant show and it does deserve it's own weekly review!! Once you accept that the first season didn't have a massive budget and the second season has an increase I can only see season 3 being epic!! the more investment the better the product we can expect and this product is already awesome. me an the lads have regular viking night once a week haha. watching the show I mean. Boss!!

  • PittGar Mar 29, 2014

    great show love winnick

  • EwelinCanizares Mar 29, 2014

    Hurray!!! this is great news, me and my hubby love this show! Is very good, even if it mixtures legend and history, I am okay with it, the result is sooo good!

  • Samantha_101 Mar 28, 2014

    Vikings is an awesome show! Why don't more people watch it?

  • mude Mar 26, 2014

    Sweet:-) SKÅL from Denmark:-D

  • AnaBrigovic Mar 26, 2014


  • LaurenAmster Mar 26, 2014

    Yes, I feel this show should be reviewed.

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