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  • 7.5

    It's funny, it's full of stereotypes, but hey, IT'S PAMM!

    By McRazor, Jan 12, 2007

    Baywatch were gone, BarbWire was a box office failure, so VIP has come to save Pamela Anderson's career. And that's it. That's what VIP is actually all about. Watch Pamm while there's a gunshot in the background. It's obvious that there was no hard science about this show. Just how many stereotypes was there? Let me count -

    1)Stupid blonde

    2)Russian spy chick

    3)Russian spy guy (both with horrible Russian accent)

    4)Black guy called "Quick" for his love life

    5)Geeky secretary who can hack Pentagon if she wants to

    6)Japanese kick ass guy

    7)Mob guys with exotic nicknames ("Prophet", "D Girls"...)

    8)Mob guys with ice bullets

    The list goes on, but I'll stop here.

    If you wanna watch something just to forget your troubles and have some fun, this is the show for you. But if you want something with little more brain, stick to CSI.moreless

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  • 10

    This was a great fun tv show,I love Pamela Anderson Lee in this goofy role playe it great and the rest of the cast was superb.And the plots were silly sometime but I just kept watching this show I got the first season dvd and I\'ll get the second season

    By supperkat, Nov 21, 2006

    This was one of this best on UPN 9 back in the day.But when they cancelled this show I was mad,such a fun show gone and they don\'t make show like this anymore. They make a Movie from this like the Star Trek films,because I\'ll pay to see Pam Anderson and company have fun on screen with this action show.

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  • 7.3

    Pamela Anderson as a private detective. What more do I need to say? Actually, the "as a private detective" part wasn't even necessary. So. Pamela Anderson.

    By Stijbeta, Jun 01, 2006

    Guilty pleasure about sums it up. Why do people always laugh at me when I tell them I used to watch, and enjoy, this show? Because they think Pamela Anderson has no acting skills?

    Alright, you might be correct. But why does she need acting skills when her.. other assets are far from distasteful? I admit that I when I first started watching this show I did it purely for the eye candy, and I was never disappointed. But as I started watching more and more episodes I actually started to enjoy the show for its content.

    Alright, it's not amazing, but why do you need amazing when decent is good enough? The concept itself really isn't all that original, but it was such a pleasure to look at. Turn the brains off and open your eyes wide as you absorb the colourful world of V.I.P. And no, my eyes did not limit themselves to the glories of the main actress, but to the design of everything, from the wallpaper, to the clothing, to the clouds.

    My guilty pleasure that shouldn't be guilty at all.moreless

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  • 9.6

    is realy the max pamela is hot se will four ever be hot

    By gigiken007, Mar 10, 2006

    pamela is the best ever sien in a soap its realy bad we sie not more in belgium and a word four the cast the do thier best whituot them the schoww stan enywhere its good that pam have the leading rol she play teh rol better than barb wire

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  • 7.4


    By Rokec, Mar 03, 2006

    I only watch this show because Pamela Anderson is starring in it. If It Wasn't for her, the show would go downhill. The Show Kinda sucks dough, but who cares as long as Pamela Stars in it I will watch it. So The other cast isn't all that good. The Show has a good story but the actors suck, they should get better actors seriously. I could only wish that maybe one day they are going to make a movie, I mean the already made a game so why not a movie, the show has big rating so MAKE A MOVIE PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!moreless

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  • 10

    pamela' best

    By sherlock99, Jan 08, 2006

    vip was the best fox show from 1998-2002 a really great show that only lasted four seasons i think thay should of keep making new espsodes the show was hot sexey and full of action great cast funny story plots every week i really hope that they air reruns better yet make seasons 1-4 alavable for dvd

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    Wow pamela anderson is in the show you cant ask any better than this :)

    By TheFrenchPhenom, Sep 27, 2005

    Im watching it all the time just to see Valeri Iron Protection aka Pamela Anderson protection the big time. There is alot of action in each shows alot of hot ladys aswell. Each shows bring something different as your wondering what will happend next, seems to me VIP is always on top of things.

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