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  • 6.6

    Not bad. A good premise, lacking maximum execution. The idea of transforming was a big concept in the Eighties. Visionaries didn\'t falter the trend. It still works here but the direction of the series wasn\'t established. Nor did the characters have much

    By S-i-m-o-n, Aug 10, 2005

    The show introduced Prysmos well enough but failed to clarify where the story was going. Some direction would have helped understand why characters were clearly friendly with one lot of people and discontent with others. Both factions were ineffectively realised. Merklyn could have been better introduced too.

    The use of colour was reminiscent of Transformers but fell victim to bland pastels for the females. The accents were trying to be British which didn\'t work, just as the *attempt* of using the *olde* English language (badly) sounded cringe-worthy.

    Given this was the pilot, it lacked cohesion as badly as curdled milk!moreless

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