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  • Viva Piñata is a brand new, CG-animated comedy series that takes place in the fun-loving world of Piñatas. Thousands of these piñata-animals live the sweet life on the famous, Piñata Island. They're always going around the world to please children at their parties! Join Hudson, Fergy, Paulie and Franklin as they embark on adventures!

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  • S 3 : Ep 10

    The Talented Mr. Hack

    Aired 10/18/08

  • S 3 : Ep 9

    Beauty and the Beasts

    Aired 10/18/08

  • S 3 : Ep 8

    Bringing Up Cluckle

    Aired 10/11/08

  • S 3 : Ep 8

    Ella Forgets to Forget

    Aired 10/4/08

  • S 3 : Ep 7

    Motivation Camp

    Aired 10/11/08

  • Cast & Crew
  • Eric Stuart

    Les Galagoogoo

  • Dan Green

    Hudson Horstacio

  • Marc Thompson

    Franklin Fizzlebear

  • Mike Pollock

    Langston Lickatoad

  • Michael Alston Baley

    Professor Pester

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  • YoshiAngemon85

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  • Quotes (81)

    • Chortles: A man walks into a bar and says...Ouch. (laughs)

    • Paulie: But first, tell us about your garden. Chortles: Oh, yeah, yeah. It's great! Which reminds me of a joke. Tina: INCOMING! (she and Teddington duck as Chortles prepares to tell a joke) Chortles: What did one garden gnome say to the other garden gnome? Love me? You don't even GNOME me!

    • Chortles: Roses are red, violets are blue. Some poems rhyme, but not this one! (laughs)

    • Paulie: (after being rejected)And I outfoxed the Candiosity Meter, once again. It's all in the tail.

    • Hudson: Well, wherever the party is, they'll be excited to see yours truly, and I just had my smile candy-coated, too. (Hudson flashes his shining smile, and blinds Paulie and Fergy) Paulie: Hudson, warn us before you do that. And have fun at the big Piñata party... without us.

    • Hudson: Showtime. (is grabbed, and put on the Cannoñata's conveyer belt) Whoo-hoo-hoo! Catch you guys on the flip side! (is shot from the Cannoñata) Viva Piñata!!!

    • Bonboon: Grrr... Fergy Fudgehog!! (is seen running from the distance) Fergy: Oh, smart, wise Bonboon, your advice saved me! You are so huge, so awesome, so angry-looking that you're showing me your teeth. Your long, white... (The Bonboon growls angrilly) pointy teeth. Why? Bonboon: You ate all my candy, you miserable Fudgehog! Come back here!! Fergy: (as he runs away from the angry Bonboon) OHHH, FUDGE!!

    • Franklin: Grow those buttercups high boys Grow those buttercups high Bring the bees in hives on trees Grow those buttercups high

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    Notes (28)

    • This is the second show on, that featured a fox and a hedgehog. The first being "Sonic X".

    • This episode is referenced many times in later episodes examples include: In "Lights, Camera, Action" when Fergy and Franklin point out the Chewnicorn silhouette, in "Wraisins of Wrath" when two Chewnicorns are seen reading newspapers and talking. In "Royal Visit," when Fergy finds out he has to slay a Dragonache and after Paulie says that there are no Dragonaches, Fergy tells him "Don't start that again!" And in "Candibalism" when you can see a Chewnicorn sitting amongst a group of protesters.

    • This is the first appearance of Prof. Pester and the Ruffians.

    • When you see Fergy entering and exiting his closet you can see the two right feet trophy he won in the episode "legs"

    • Fegy's guitar is designed to resemble a lollipop

    • Hudson's base is designed to resemmble a horse shoe

    • In "Franklin can't dance" Hudson mimiced a base guitar. In this episode, it was his insturment.

    • This is the second time we see a sour piñata. The first time was in "Mad Mongo".

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    Trivia (19)

    • Gameplay Tip: Growing buttercups can bring about Buzzlegums, which can bring about Buzzlegum hives, which can bring honey. And additionally, honey can bring in a Fizzlybear.

    • Gameplay Tip: Chewnicorns can't resist the aroma of Gem Tree gems growing in the night, and sadly, neither can Fergy.

    • Gameplay Tips: When a Quackberry is fed Gooseberries, it can change into a JuicyGoose. Also, as demonstrated by Hamilton, despite his hunger, when a Horstachio eats blackberries and daisies, it can transform into a Zumbug.

    • As this episode suggests, Fudgehogs and Whirlms aren't on shall we say, the best terms. (In the wild, Whirlms regard Fudgehogs as something to fear while Fudgehogs regard Whirlms as tasty)

    • This marks the first time (and maybe the last time) Prof. Pester helps a Piñata out of a problem. Who? Fergy Fudgehog.

    • When Professor Pester tells the piñatas to make a group shot, His Graduate Cap is shown, not a director's beret.

    • From this episode onwards the original Viva Piñata intro is replaced with a brand new intro!

    • Gameplay tip: As seen in "Mad Mongo" feeding a sour Macaraccoon a Cluckle (or in Franklin's case, a bucket of said Piñata meat) can result in taming the Sour Macaraccoon, making it a nice and tame addition to anyone's Piñata habitat.

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    Allusions (26)

    • Bonboon: ...Like in that movie where this kid learns karate. The name escapes me at the moment. He was obiously refering to "Karate Kid".

    • Pierre Parrybo: The roof, the roof, the roof is, how you say... on fire! This is a reference to the Bloodhound Gang song "Fire Water Burn", whose chorus is, "The roof, the roof, the roof is on fire!"

    • Hudson's Biggest Fan: The Plot The plot to "Hudson's Biggest Fan" is vaguely similar to the plot to the first episode of Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi, known as "Dis-Harmony!" Incidentally, Hudson Horstachio is a famous celebrity on Piñata Island, as Puffy AmiYumi is a famous J-Pop Band all over the world.

    • Paulie: Hudson Horsetachio heisted! Franklin: Colt corralled by kidnappers! Fergy: There's a coupon for free licorice!! This is a reference to the movie "Airplane," when three men from air traffic control are reading newspapers the first two, headlines about the the almost certain doom awaiting the passengers and the third that "there's a sale at Penny's!"

    • Hudson Horstachio: The hoof! The Hoof! The Hoof is on fire! This is a reference to the Bloodhound Gang song "Fire Water Burn", whose chorus is, "The roof, the roof, the roof is on fire!" The reference was made earlier in "Franklin Can't Dance," by Pierre Parrybo.

    • Mission: Impiñatable is a spoof movie title called "Mission Impossible."

    • Fergy's mom talk with a deep manly voice. Much like Carl Wheezer's mom from "Jimmy Neutron".

    • Ella walk off a cliff and stands in mid-air. This an example of cartoon physics where gravity doesn't work till you look down.

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  • Fan Reviews (14)
  • This really didn't need to be put on the air. But overall, it was decent.

    By Drips, Aug 07, 2012

  • its too dumb

    By coolchris44, Jul 27, 2007

  • Great show.

    By woahwoah678, Apr 16, 2009

  • Now THAT's what appeals

    By Objectionist, Apr 25, 2008

  • i heart this show!!!!!!

    By Bratzprincess18, Jul 19, 2007