A Ghost and Four Keys

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    Pidge is in trouble and they only have 4 keys.

    By yuki_megami, Jan 06, 2007

    Keith and the others determined to form the lions to make Voltron.Pidge decided that he would go out and see how far is Zarkon battle ship are.Coran takes the 4 to the tombstone to get the 5 keys to the lions.Unfortunelly once opening the tomb they only found 4 keys and the other key the one to the black lion remains missing.Trying to figure out who took the key.Than decided that they had to fight zarkon battle ship.Pidge had to fight alone altough he needs help.So finally the others ride in the lions without forming Voltron.Even though the key is missing.So Pidge fights alone altough growing an bit tired as well of fighting alone.But one of the viliagers saved him from the falling rocks and so the robeast arrives to defeat the lions.Afriad and unsure if they can beat it.

    So Keith rides the green lion tempory.moreless

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