A Temporary Truce

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    A young Drule pilot named Xandu crash lands near an alliance outpost. Commander Hawkins sees this incident as a possible route to peace between the alliance and the Drules. However Sea Team member Shannon does not agree.

    By meathead704, Jan 01, 2010

    While I did like this episode and found it entertaining, this episode shows the difficulty in editing this episode of "Armored Fleet Dairugger XV" into Vehicle Voltron. First we have always been lead to believe that the Drules only send robots into battle. Here we see a living being preparing for battle. This plot hole is never explained. Second, at episode's end Hawkins mentions that Xandu is back in sick bay and will be returned home soon. Why would they send him home? Xandu's superiors just tried to kill him! Better yet, why would Xandu want to return? Flawed episode.moreless

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