Defend the New World

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    Alliance Colonel Cross establishes a new supply base. The Drules launch a brutal attack. However, because of his pride, Colonel Cross refuses to ask Explorer to send Voltron. Will he come to his senses before it's too late?

    By meathead704, Jan 31, 2010

    After a string of episodes which were all talk and anti-climactic, it's good to see an episode with all the elements that make "Voltron" the popular show is is. For the first time in quite a while we see terrific battle scenes that are well staged and very entertaining. It's also good to see Voltron again after an absence of several episodes. Voltron's battles with the dreaded Robeats are an enduring highlight of "Voltron" (Both Lion and Vehicle) and it was good to see one such battle again. Colonel Cross should be demoted after his poor decision making. Go Voltron!moreless

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