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    Yurak is fired

    By yuki_megami, Jan 09, 2007

    Planet Doom Yurak ensure his victory of defeating Arus and Voltron.However in the end,he's the one that end up defeated.While upon arrival back to planet of doom.He ends in an great failure,so King Zarkon and Hagger tells Yurak that is ban from Planet Doom.Just during that King Zarkon's son Prince Lotar return from his conquests.So Prince Lotar gives Yurak another chance.He begin to challenge one of the voltron force to duel him.But to come alone.In Planet Doom,Hagger explains that she turn Yurak into an robeast.So Keith and Lotar,begin to duel each other.While this is happening Lance,Pidge,Allura and Hunk has to fight the giant robeast Yurak alone.Allura decided to go looked for Keith to get his help.Even though Keith was wounded he has to help out.Yeah in the end Yurak is destoryed and gone.moreless

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