Just Like Earth

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    Explorer receives a distress call from an unexplored planet. Jeff and the Air Team are sent to investigate...and soon find themselves ambushed by the Drules.

    By meathead704, Mar 30, 2010

    "Just Like Earth" is an episode of non-stop action. The massive battle that takes up most of this episode's time is thrilling for sure. Despite the fact that the battle scenes were watered down from the original episode of "Armored Fleet Diarugger XV" to make it more suitable for young American audiences, the battles scenes still deliver an effective punch. Once again, Voltron's climactic battle with the Robeast was well done. Well, at least from the point when Voltron was fully formed. The scenes that show Voltron with no left leg were a little goofy. Despite that, the episode works.moreless

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