Lotor, the King

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  • 8.5

    The intrigue kicks up a notch, as Voltron draws closer to bringing the villains down hard.

    By Gojirob, Jan 03, 2011

    We know its done with redubbed footage that we'd already seen in Vehicle Voltron, but to see the Drules even for a moment interested in the goings-on of Planet Doom really brings the merged universe together and bonus points to the offhand comment about how Zarkon just takes worlds for himself instead of offering them up for the Drules who really need them. Though their role in putting Lotor on the throne is completely inserted, again it is welcome in the light of the series' premise.

    Lotor of course is busy throwing himself triumphs, thinking that his tricks and traps will out over the invading Voltron. His ego shines through as never before.

    Another good episode as we build towards a victory of sorts.moreless

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