Planet of the Bats

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    Hagger puts an spell on Allura.

    By yuki_megami, Jan 07, 2007

    Hagger tells King Zarkon,that she has an plan.By using the white lion and casting an spell on Allura of her dream of the white lion than they could capture Princess Allura and destory Voltron.Allura begins to have an strange dream after hearing her father's voice.She begin to follow the white lion and run out toward the woods.Concern worried Nanny and Coren asked the others to go and looked for Alura.When Lance finds her he was about to shoot the lion.Alura defended the white lion.But the white lion begin to attacked lance and Pidge trapping them in the net.Than the lion head toward Alura.So the Princess,Lance,Hunk and Pidge are capture.Just than the blue lion came out of nowhere the one piloting it was Nanny and Coran.Now the battle begin unfortunelly still the spell of Alura dream takes control.With Voltron they were finally able to defeat the robeast.

    To me it was an sad episode.I mean for Princess I know she loves her parnets sad illusion.moreless

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