Princess Joins Up

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Quotes (7)

  • Hagger: Voltron will trouble you no more sire.

  • Zarkon: Very well, I’ll call my best robot gladiators into the arena immediately. They’ll fight, they’ll destroy one another just for you, and when you work your magic it had better be evil.

  • Hagger: Call out your robot gladiators sire, let them fight to the finish and I will take the winner.

  • Zarkon: How? Haggar: I have a new evil plan you’re love. Choose your best robot Gladaitor and I’ll change it into a monster, stronger than Voltron. Zarkon: It had better work, and fast!

  • Zarkon: Bring me the princess, understand. Hagger:Yes ciera. Voltron will be destroyed, and the young ones inslaved.

  • Zarkon:I want the Voltron force captured. I’ll tech them to devised Zarkon.

  • Zarkon: This is you last warning, heeve my word. I want Voltron destroyed. You did it once witch, broke him up into 5 peaces. Now Voltron’s back more powerful than ever.