The Missing Key

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    Finally Voltron is Form

    By yuki_megami, Jan 06, 2007

    With the unsucess without Voltron the 4 pilots were unable to fight Zarkon.The viliager begin to explain to Pidge the story of Zarkon.Pidge finally return back and safely.So the others retreated back.So the gang is back trying to figure where the missing key is.When they see the mousehole figuring that the space mouse might've took the key of the black lion away.After capturing the space mouse demending to know where the key is.Allura explains that the space mouses are her friends.Sven tells Allura that they might have the missing key.The space mices run back to the mouse hole to get the missing key.So finally back at action in atempt to try and form Voltron.At first they fail to form Voltron but after trying again they were able to do it.

    Best episode yet and now Voltron is form!moreless

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