Voltron: Defender of the Universe

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Quotes (31)

  • Hagger: Voltron will trouble you no more sire.

  • Zarkon: Very well, I’ll call my best robot gladiators into the arena immediately. They’ll fight, they’ll destroy one another just for you, and when you work your magic it had better be evil.

  • Hagger: Call out your robot gladiators sire, let them fight to the finish and I will take the winner.

  • Zarkon: How? Haggar: I have a new evil plan you’re love. Choose your best robot Gladaitor and I’ll change it into a monster, stronger than Voltron. Zarkon: It had better work, and fast!

  • Zarkon: Bring me the princess, understand. Hagger:Yes ciera. Voltron will be destroyed, and the young ones inslaved.

  • Zarkon:I want the Voltron force captured. I’ll tech them to devised Zarkon.

  • Zarkon: This is you last warning, heeve my word. I want Voltron destroyed. You did it once witch, broke him up into 5 peaces. Now Voltron’s back more powerful than ever.

  • <em>(The castle alarm is going off because Nanny has arrived unannounced. Hunk isn't willing to get out of bed.)</em> Hunk: Huh. What? It must be a short circuit. Oh well, someone wake me in the morning and remind me to fix it. (He turns over and goes back to bed.) --- (Pidge has just karate chopped Nanny, whom he thinks is an intruder.) Nanny: Wait till I get my hands on you. You think you're tough. You'll pay for this outrage! Keith: Wow, it's a lady. Lance: Could be a disguise. (He grabs Nanny by the shawl.) Nanny: Don't you young people know about respecting elders? I'm the royal governess. Pidge: Uh oh. --- (Pidge defends his actions.) Pidge: Well, I thought she was the witch. Nanny: How dare you? I'd like to teach you a lesson. If you'd looked before you leaped, this wouldn't have happened. Coran: Nanny, this is Keith, Lance, and Pidge. They're here to protect the kingdom. Nanny:This kingdom? You mean these scoundrels work for the Princess? You're nothing but a bunch of hoodlums! Attacking helpless people before they can defend themselves. <em>(Specifically to Pidge)</em> And you I'd like to put over my knee! --- Lance: Oh boy, first she cries, then she laughs. Wish she'd make up her mind. Pidge: Glad she's not my mother.

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Notes (64)

  • The episode of King of Beasts GoLion used to create this episode of Voltron is titled "Escape from Slave Castle". In that episode the five space explorers return to Earth from a deep space mission. They are horrified to see that during their absence a nuclear war occurred. All of civilization has been destroyed and humanity has been annihilated. As the explorers search the war torn planet they encounter a Galra Empire slave ship. The ship's Captain, Commander Sadak (Yurak in Voltron.) captures the explorers and takes them to Galra's home planet.

  • The space explorers, who would become the Voltron Force, were all tattooed on their forearms with King Zarkon's mark, marking them as his slaves and property.

  • Coran explains Voltron's origin in this episode. In King of Beasts GoLion it is unknown who or what created GoLion. He was a sentient robot who travelled through space. He fought and easily defeated all manner of space creatures who challenged him. Then suddenly the Goddess of the Universe appeared to GoLion and tried to convince him to use his great power to fight for peace and justice. GoLion tried to attack the Goddess. Angered by his arrogance the Goddess broke him into five robotic lions. The lions then crash landed on Planet Altea (Arus in Voltron.).

  • The first Lion that Keith pilots in the series is the Green Lion, which is later piloted by Pidge.

  • Voltron is formed for the first time in this episode.

  • Sven has the ability to blind-fight, closing his eyes and mentally attuning his other senses to detect and fight an opponent, even when his eyes betray him as to their location.

  • Sven has experience wielding and fighting with a sword.

  • The episode of King of Beasts GoLion used to create this episode of Voltron is titled "Death of Shirogane the Hero". In that episode Honerva (Haggar in Voltron.) kills Blue Lion pilot Takashi Shirogane (Sven in Voltron.) with the help of a Deathblack Beastman (Robeast in Voltron.). The final scene of that episode is of Shirogane's funeral and the surviving members of the GoLion Team (Voltron Force in Voltron.) crying and angry with themselves for letting this happen. Later in Voltron Sven makes a return, but in GoLion the character is actually Ryou Shirogane, Takashi's younger brother.

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Trivia (30)

  • Pidge has twin brother who served on Vehicle Voltron's Air Team, named Chip, further tying together the two series.

  • King of Beasts GoLion (Lion Voltron) and Armored Fleet Dairugger XV (Vehicle Voltron), while both seemingly similar anime sagas, were originally unrelated.

  • Commander Yurak sends his troops after the Voltron Force, rather then after the space explorers, even though he should have had no idea that was their new designation, or had ever even seen them in their Lions to that point.

  • Elevator number one takes Keith to the transport leading to the Green Lion this time, rather then the Black Lion.

  • When you see Pidge running out of the building befor he makes a crack to the mice, his outfit changes between scenes.

  • Goof: Have those spacemice discovered the fountain of youth? If they entertained allura as a child(seemingly 6-10 years ago by how old she looked) and they look the same age as back then. Under normal circumstances they'd probably be long dead by now.

  • Goof: In the sequence where they go through the elevators to the lions. For a split second between the elevators and the vehicles that take them to the lions the one guy(sven?) is replaced with allura(most likely just using future footage since she'll take over for him for like the rest of the show as far as I'm aware). Goof: Also, when keith boards the black lion it's not in statue form, then it is and uncovers itself.(Again, most likely they just didn't bother to change the footage for one episode)

  • When the man shows Pidge the way through the cave tunnel to the castle and when Pidge goes through the castle to the defenses room his outfit changes from the white and green Voltron team uniform to his regular green outfit several times.

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Allusions (2)

  • When they form voltron for the first time they say 'Go-lion' which according to my research is the original japanese name for voltron. Also hunk says 'Go lion' at the beginning of his sentence in the preview for the next episode.

  • Title pun: No news is good news.