Voltron Force

Trivia, Quotes, Notes and Allusions

Quotes (8)

  • Keith: Form feet and legs! Form arms and body!
    Daniel: And I'll form the (Keith looks at Daniel for stealing his command, but Keith allows him finish the part) head!

  • Hunk: Umm, you know your aunt is a hostage, right?
    Larmina: Yeah, and we're going to rescue her.

  • Larmina: I hate robots!
    Daniel: Really? Because you we pilot a giant-
    Larmina: You know what I mean!

  • Hunk: What are you waiting for cadets?! Let's rock these bots out!
    Vince: He's lost it.
    Daniel: He's nuts.
    Larmina: He's rad.

  • Maahox: (Knows the location to where the Lions are) I see you.

  • Hunk: (When the eye comet becomes an eye robeast) I liked him better when he was just an eye.

  • Allura: And I'll form the leg! (Kicks the robot hard)
    Larmina: Yeah! Our foot, your butt!

  • Allura: Father, I need your guidance. I never imagined a day when the lions would turn on us.
    King Althor: The lions haven't turned against you. They are challenging you.
    Allura: But nothing we try seems to work. We've tried force, we've tried diplomacy...
    King Althor: Those are the tactics of men. But the lions are not men. The lions are a pride, and Black is their alpha. And did he fight or bargain in his way to this position?
    Allura: (closes eyes, hangs her head) No.
    King Althor: Then what makes him the leader?
    Allura: He is the leader because...he carries himself like the leader.
    King Althor: (smiles) Precisely.

Trivia (4)

  • Daniel points out that Voltron's combining formation takes 36 seconds would be a big advantage to all Robeasts for them to take out the Lions, if so they could have done it in the first series.

  • Allura is seen with Keith, Daniel, Vince, and Kalon. However, Larmina is with Vince as they both pilot the black lion while Allura pilots her blue lion.

  • Predator Robeast is the third evil Voltron replica to appear. The first two are Voltron's evil clone back in Voltron: Defender of the Universe episode, "Voltron vs. Voltron" and Dracotron from Voltron The Third Dimension episode, "Voltron vs. Dracotron".

  • We learn in this episode that Pidge has a brother named Chip.

Allusions (2)

  • Original Series: The Voltron robot that Dougly uses is in the form of the robot from the original 1984 series Voltron: Defender of the Universe.

  • Larmina: (After defeating Maahox) Flawless victory! This is a reference to the video game Mortal Kombatin which defeating an opponent without taking any damage scores a bonus and evokes the same exclamation from the narrator.