Voltron: The Third Dimension

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Quotes (4)

  • Lance: Let me tell you something, you overgrown calculator! We were fighting Lotor before you were invented!

  • Amalgamus: I told you the lions are grounded. You are disobeying direct orders! Allura: That's better than disobeying our hearts!

  • Queequeg: And that concludes our six o'clock news. Lafitte: Yes! Tune in tomorrow when Queequeg and Lafitte blow up some more stuff! (laughter and dancing ensues in the cabin of the space pirate ship)

  • Lance: Let's play a little cat and mouse... make that cat and skull. (while shooting at Queequeg and Lafitte's ship)

Notes (17)

  • The largest continuity issue between this series and its predecessor is the state of Keith and Allura's relationship after five years. By the end of the original series they had acknowledged their love to one another and received the blessing of the spirit of King Alfor. But in this series, no hint of that is shown. The only explanation that doesn't seem to contradict continuity, since the two are never really given any private moments, would be that events have been such over the past five years that they have not been in a position to take the situation public as a Commander of Alliance forces and Princess of a planet. But even this feels at times to be a stretch. The topic continues to be one of debate amongst the show's fan community and is sometimes attributed as a reason that fans of the original series did not warm up to Voltron: The Third Dimension.

  • There were space pirates in the original series, called the Pirates of the Rogue Galaxy, who try to break up a peace summit in a second season episode (the one where Sven must reassume his role as the Blue Lion pilot for one episode). It is not known if Queequeg and Lafitte have any connection to this band of pirates or not, or are from a different group altogether.

  • The show opens describing a big battle that defeated the forces of Doom five years before opening the series. This is probably the big battle foreshadowed in the episode "Breaking Up Is Hard to Doom" that ended the series. It cannot refer to the battle in the "Fleet of Doom" TV special because the opening of that special has Cossack (who doesn't carry over to this series) introducing himself and his terror to the people of planet Pollux, sister world to Planet Arus. As Cossack is well known to Pollux (and other planets) by the end of the series, the "Fleet of Doom" event cannot end the original series. Much confusion is made of this matter since "Fleet of Doom" was completed and aired after the first airing of the last VOLTRON: DEFENDER OF THE UNIVERSE episodes.

  • Neil Ross, B.J. Ward, Michael Bell and Tress MacNeille were cast members on the original series, Voltron: Defender of the Universe. Neil, B. J. and Michael returned in their original roles. However, Tress does not return in her original role of Queen Merla but as a new character. Also, Michael Bell took over the role of Coran as Peter Cullen did not return to the series.

  • Amalgamus is upset that Zarkon is not at Galaxy Garrison because of pirate attacks in the Crimson Quadrant. The Crimson Quadrant is the home of Planet Doom (the place where Zarkon ruled his evil Doom Empire from), so it is the place where Amalgamus would need Zarkon's influence the most.

  • The dream dimension Lotor escapes to at the end of this episode is the same one that Keith must conquer his fears of being lost in the forest as a small child and enter to rescue Allura in the "Fleet of Doom" special from the original series.

  • Lance's story about his village being attacked in his childhood was first revealed in the original series and tied into again for this episode.

  • Kelly Ward is voice director for Voltron: The Third Dimension.

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Trivia (19)

  • The new generation of Doom weapons are powered by condensed lazon, moonstone, ionized topaz, and pure quartz. Lazon and moonstone were highly sought after elements by witch Haggar in the predecessor series for more than a few of her robeasts and other magical efforts.

  • According to a statement Lance makes there are 900 planets in the Alliance.

  • Pidge receives lion fan mail from Planet Caspia, a planet the Voltron Force visited in the original series.

  • Up until this point, both this show and the original series had only referred to planets either being in galaxies or in quadrants of a galaxy. This script is the first to actually name a star system in which a planet is located. Planet Geo, which is the focus of this story, is located in the Diadem (which means "crown") system.

  • A member of the wedding couple we see Judge Amphrose trying to hitch is from the planet Caspia, which made an appearance in the original series as the home of pacifist scientist Marianne.

  • Planet Amphrose (where the wedding is taking place) is described as a "sister planet" to Arus. However, Planet Pollux where Allura's cousins live has also been described as a "sister planet" of Arus in the original show. The history of Arus and Pollux -- a son of the first King being banished there -- would lead one to believe they are adjacent worlds. "Sister" can be either revolving around each other, sharing the same orbital path, or being "sister planets" similar to the concept of "sister cities". It is never made clear which definitions apply to the two planets.

  • This is Lotor's second attempt at marriage. He briefly was married to his distant cousin Merla (the marriage was annulled by throwing their wedding bracelet off a bridge) in the original series.

  • Though we know from this series that Alfor clearly had a relationship prior to Allura's mother, we still don't know the name of Allura's mother or from where she came. Since her sister is Queen Orla and apparently unmarried (per an episode of the original series), the implication is that she must have been from another planet as the Arusian family rules all of Arus Also, if Alfor was involved with Haggar, he clearly was willing to consider romances with off-worlders.

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Allusions (5)

  • When Allura tells Keith and Lance she should give them a flying lesson sometime after they crash land in front of the Castle of Lions following their vector jump, it is an allusion to the fact that they had to give her flying lessons when she originally stole the Blue Lion without permission in the original series.

  • When Pidge gets the phone call from Keith about the code 9, he says they haven't had one of those "since Planet Oron quit the Alliance". The episode detailing what happens when Oron tries to quit the Galaxy Alliance is in the second season of the original series.

  • In this episode, Lotor travels to the Dream Dimension which is where Haggar is said to be hiding with his castle. The Dream Dimension was mentioned in the Voltron, Fleet of Doom movie.

  • After mentioning a personal grudge that Lance has against Lotor/Zarkon, Allura explains why it's so personal to Pidge. She tells the story of when Lance lived in a small village in the mountains. This was referenced from the original series when Lance had a discussion with Pidge about his home being destroyed. He described his home as being mountainous.

  • Pidge says if he could stand up to Zarkon's Fleet of Doom, he can handle the current threat. This is a reference to the Fleet of Doom formed when Zarkon and Viceroy Throk teamed up for the FLEET OF DOOM special in the original series.