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    Hello out there, Mexicans who love Chillicothe, MX, well this one's right for you, South Floridians, too.

    From North Mexico, to the basking Hot Sun of Brownsville,

    The Wacky Racers will get sunburn in their engine and

    Over heat. They

    By News1450, Apr 27, 2006

    Will the Gruesome 2-some win it, or the Cowardly Surplus

    Special renew 1st place in the race? CBS Just aired this

    montage of Spanish Mexican Obstacles Richard "Dick"

    Dastardley and Pug Muttley to jetlag the Racers near the

    Mexico through Texas Border to re-gain power through

    Pat Pending's card of thanks of the USA. P. Pitstop will

    beautify herself to the very end of the race. Airing on

    abc action News Sister Station News MAX 24 the Sun Coast's

    News Authority and Comcast channel 24 Tonight at 6:30pm

    which is also i66's Sister partner owned by Buena Vista

    Broadcast Group until Friday, See you on KABC-TV abc 7

    News produced in September 1964-March 1966!moreless

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