The Baja-Ha-Ha Race/Real Gone Ape

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  • 8.2

    Dastardly puts a gorilla to the test of the racers' slump to

    frighten Ms. Pit-stop, but Penelope foils the ape's plans to

    stop the Racers. This is a classic beyond height. This

    Bommerang TV classic is a doozy in the plains!

    By Aponte749, Jul 22, 2007

    Richard Dastardly first breaks the bridge to start the

    race. The Ant-hill Mob makes the rowing getaway. They are

    back on the road to stop King Klong's pathway escape

    to stop this row of wacky racers' plans for victory lane.

    This December 1968 race makes way for the winner of the

    "Great Ape Race" to make K.K. make Dastardly's wicked

    plot worthless to primate power in time. The 'Creepy Coupe'

    shuts the Slags down, but gets back up fast to catch up to

    the Ant-hill Mob's 1st place pedal. Moreover, Cannon power

    clogs by Klong's huge hand shoves the Army Surplus Special

    tank back in the plains drive to victory over the steady

    Crimson Hay-bailer whose 2nd place fly-and-drive was a

    mention for runner up. This 'Wacky Races' episode was a

    South Florida cartoon classic carried by channel 4 CBS in

    Miami. No harming of 1 primate was done in the making

    of this animated film narrated by the late Dave Willock.

    This race is #3 out of the Cartoon Network Classics Top 5.

    I'm Cesar Aponte, Jr. reporting from Xenia, Ohio on My FOX 8moreless

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  • 7.7


    By ScreamingViking, Dec 09, 2006

    it was alright. i didn't proticularly like the whole thing with the gorrilla. i like when the boulder mobile beat up the octopus. I didn't like how the ape stopped everyone i thoght it was kind of boring. I did like when the gruesome twosome got flat tire and they put the snake on as a wheel and the snake whistled at penolope pitstop. I really like how dick dasterdly got extremely close but lost again. I didn't liek how the tank won when he was barely shown the whole episode. Another classic wacky races episode. I reccomend this episode but parts of it aren't great.moreless

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