Wacky Races

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Quotes (14)

  • Chief Crazy Buffalo:(after the first time a bunch of "iron Wagons" runs over him) Me needum hospital plan.

  • Pvt. Meekly: Did you say left, Sarge? Sgt. Blast: Right. Pvt. Meekly: Oh, right. Sgt. Blast: NOOO!

  • Dick Dastardly: So we won't take the left road, which is the right road. We will take the right road, which is the wrong road, right?

  • Narrator: A late start, Dastardly? Dick Dastardly: Yes. *snicker* Last night I had Muttley here let the air out of the tires, and guess whose tires got it?

  • From Free Wheeling to Wheeling, about the Buzzwagon being on fire. Dick Dastardly: That, my dear Muttley, is the hottest car in the race.

  • From Free Wheeling To Wheeling, as the Ant Hill Mob tries to get their car up a hill... Clyde: All right, you mugs...everyone out and push! Ring-A-Ding: "Aw, gee Clyde...do we have to? Clyde: Perhaps you'd rather I should tell Bonnie on you?

  • Narrator: Leading the pack is the Dracula of the dragstrip, Dick Dastardly! Dastardly: I resent that remark. Narrator: But do you deny it? Dastardly: No, I just resent it!

  • Slag Brother: Wheel gone. Get new one. Other Slag Brother: Okay (gets a boulder and hits in until its the right size) All set. Slag Brother: Okay, let's go. (Car breaks down again) Other Slag Brother: Dummy Head, you make square wheel.

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Notes (45)

  • See-Saw to Arkansas: 1st: #4 Crimson Haybailer 2nd: #2 Creepy Coupe 3rd: #10 Buzzwagon Creepy Trip to Lemon Twist: 1st: #5 Compact Pussycat 2nd: #2 Creepy Coupe 3rd: #10 Buzzwagon

  • In 101A (See-Saw to Arkansas) They are headed for "Mustard Spread Arkansas"

  • In 101A you can see the Creepy Coupe has 4 thing it can do, Dragon Power (Allows them to fly or go fast), Monster Power (Never Used), Bat Power, and Horror Power. Also you may notice they have a speed limit bar, two other bars next to it, and a design below it forming a mean face and what appears to be bat wings coming out from the face.

  • In 101A Why did Pat Pending and Red Max have to go thriugh a train to get to the other side? Cant they Fly?

  • In 101B the racers are headed for Lemon Twist Nevada

  • "Why Oh Why Wyoming" was adapted into the comic book story "Wrong Track Mind" (Gold Key #1, published May, 1969)." Beat The Clock To Yellowrock" was adapted into the comic book story "Beat The Clock Through Yellowrock" (Gold Key #4, August, 1971).

  • Why Oh Why Wyoming: 1st: #2 Creepy Coupe 2nd: #1 Bouldermobile 2rd: #8 Arkansas Chugabug Beat the Clock to Yellow Rock: 1st: #8 Arkansas Chugabug 2nd #10 Buzzwagon 3rd: #2 Creepy Coupe

  • In 102A the racers are on thier way to Handsprings, Whyoming

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Trivia (43)

  • 101B: While Dastardly was approaching Spookane and commenting to Muttley about how that was a perfect place for a dirty trick, Muttley's ears were brown like his fur but they're black in the rest of the episode.

  • While the replay at "Creepy Trip to Lemon Twist" shows Dastardly stretching his car to make it seem like he crossed the finish line first and the car is seen stretched after Rufus is announced as third placer, the original crossing, is we pause it or show it at slow motion, shows that Dastardly had indeed crossed the finish line first.

  • Look closely; during the freeway cloverleaf segment where all of the vehicles except for Dick Dastardly's is going around in circles, some of the cars appear on-screen twice (at the same time) on different parts of the freeway cloverleaf.

  • 101B Goof: After the two ghosts scare the Slag Brothers out of the ghost town of "Spookane", their Bouldermobile is shown among a large group of cars again approaching the same town.

  • Near the end of the race a pink train goes by and it says HB probably meaning Hannah-Barbera.

  • During the show's development, Muttley's name was originally "Sniffer." Also, each of the Ant Hill Mob had names when they starred a year later on The Perils Of Penelope Pitstop--Clyde, Dum Dum, Snoozy, Zippy, Pockets, Softy and Yak Yak. During development of Wacky Races, their names were Clyde, Ring-A-Ding, Rug Bug Benny, Willy, Mac, Kurby and Danny. Only Clyde and Ring-A-Ding were ever identified by name when the show made it to the air.

  • 101B: Dick Dastardly crosses the finish line but is disqualified for extending his car's "nose" to trick viewers into believing he crossed first.

  • In 101 a the map of the race shows a town called Hanna. Clearly a blurb for Hanna of Hanna-Barbera.

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Allusions (4)

  • The expression "where the deer and the antelope play and the skies are not cloudy all day" from Chief Crazy Buffalo's sign was taken from parts of the song "Home on the Range".

  • (from Mish Mash Missouri Dash) Announcer: Professor Pat Pending finds himself way up in the air...in that beautiful balloon! This alludes to a line in the song Up, Up And Away by the Fifth Dimension. The line is actually "Way up in the air in my beautiful balloon."

  • Clyde's quote above refers to the 1920s outlaws Bonnie Parker and Clyde Barrow. In 1967, a hit movie, Bonnie & Clyde, was released, starring Faye Dunaway and Warren Beatty. Serge Gainsbourg would record a hit single, "The Ballad Of Bonnie & Clyde" to coincide with the film.

  • The title "Eeny Meeney Missouri Go!" is an allusion to the game of Eeny Meeney Miny Mo