Wagon Train

The John Cameron Story

Season 1, Ep 3, Aired 10/2/57
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  • Episode Description
  • The wagon train is moving west at last. Among the travelers are John Cameron and his wife, Julie. Cameron is a quiet, reserved man; an ex-banker from Philadelphia. Julie is younger and vivacious. Their marriage is not happy. She feels trapped and stifled by his love for her. John hopes that a new start in the west will save their union. From the start Julie sets out to get herself noticed, particularly by men and one man in particular. Flint McCullough. She makes her move on him one night while the train is camped when she goes to bathe in a nearby river where Flint is already washing. She soon realizes that she has picked on the wrong man when Flint refuses to play along. When her husband comes to find her and sees her alone with Flint, Cameron jumps to the wrong conclusion. Julie leaves them to argue it out. Their argument is interrupted by a small party of Indians raiding the stock. Cameron helps Flint to deal with them and at one point saves his life. When the men return to camp there is a hoe-down in full swing, with Julie in the middle. Some miners joined the train just for the night and when they saw Julie they decided to party. Come sun up, the miners have gone and so has Julie. Cameron is determined to find her, convinced that Julie has been taken against her will. The Major and Flint know differently, but when Cameron takes off, Flint follows. He owes the man his life and he knows that between the wilderness and the miners, Cameron doesn't stand a chance on his own.moreless

  • Cast & Crew
  • Terry Wilson

    Bill Hawks

  • Frank McGrath

    Charlie Wooster

  • Ward Bond

    Major Seth Adams

  • Robert Horton

    Flint McCullough

  • Michael Rennie

    John Cameron

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  • Notes (2)

    • Carolyn Jones later starred as the seductively weird Morticia, wife of Gomez, in the original T.V. series of the Addams Family.

    • Michael Rennie started his acting career in England in amateur dramatics. His most famous role is probably that of the alien Klaatu in "The Day The World Stood Still" who came to Earth with his robot, the giant Gort, to see what we were up to in the Atomic age. He later went on to star in the T.V. version of "The Third Man" as Harry Lime.

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