Faceless Killers

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    Dry (British) Swede Mystery

    By polsixe, Mar 22, 2011

    Not having seen any other Wallander's, either of the first three KB episodes or any of the native Swede efforts this was a good-ish intro to the series. Right away it is a little disconcerting that every character speaks "British", a variety of UK accents; city, country, which makes it seem the whole deal is set in Northern England somewhere. Probably better than if the actors were talking with faux Swedish accents but I would prefer a completely Swedish language/subtitle English film as per the "Girl with the Dragon Tattoo", which for some reason is being remade in English, but I digress. Back to "Faceless Killers", Kenneth Branagh's Wallander is a moody, pensive sort, makes for a little boring TV after a while watching a guy think. The murder mystery unfolds after a while, it's reasonably plotted. The cinematography has some above average scenes, some stereotypical; the lone tree on the horizon, left side of frame, the wind waving fields of grain. At the end I didn't really perceive a real "Swedishness", only a vague Euro/English PBS Mystery feel to it all.moreless

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