Warehouse 13 "Secret Services" Review: The Revisionists

By MaryAnn Sleasman

Apr 22, 2014

Warehouse 13 S05E02: "Secret Services"

What an improvement over last week's snoozefest of a season premiere! Maybe it was the abundance of Claudia, maybe it was the adorableness of Pete and Myka, or maybe it was Artie just caving to Claudia's demands to see her sister because he's been on this show long enough to know that if he tries to screw around and keep secrets, it's just going to bite everyone in the ass two episodes from now, but it doesn't even matter—I just really liked "Secret Services." 

Fresh off of the Paracelsus debacle, Warehouse 13 reassured us that it didn't forgot about that nugget it dangled in front of us at the end of last season: Claudia's thought-to-be-dead sister Claire is alive and... well, she's alive. As far as forgetting about other plot points, I guess Mark Sheppard was just wandering around the bowels of the Warehouse unnoticed this week, but, eh, considering the facility's long and storied history of secret-keeping and other fun surprises, I guess Benedict Valda on the prowl is just one more boogieman waiting to jump out of the stacks. 

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  • briana1987 May 06, 2014

    How do we feel about Pete's bangs? They will take getting used to but it'll be fine. I do wish they could have made a joke or semi-explained the difference from the premiere. "It's all done with ice cube trays and turkey basters." —Pete
    Do you think there's anything deeper to Mrs. Frederic's interest in Myka's potential future children, or was that just an awkwardly written attempt to justify Myka getting all maternal on us? Awkwardness to the hilt. It was definitely weird for Mrs Frederick to be asking Myka something so straightforward and personal.
    I can't with Claudia's never-ending sad life story. No wonder the woman has so much baggage.
    No but really, where was her brother while all of this was going on? Did she really not recognize Artie, or at least Mrs. Frederic even a little after encountering them so many times throughout her life? (Ok, like three, but that's still a lot of random encounters with the same total strangers under strange circumstances.) This exact point was why I came to look here in the first place.
    What'd you think of "Secret Services"? Overall, I really liked it, besides the gaping plot hole of Joshua, lol

  • CherokeeRose4 Apr 26, 2014

    I loved this episode! This was the WH13 I have come to know & love.

    Pete's bangs...those gots to go. I'm not usually so distracted by bad hair (not even on Liz in the Blacklist) but that was just distracting.

    That aside, this episode was just so fun...and heartbreaking. To see what happened to Claire and how the parents were killed was terrible.

    I kind of think Mrs. Frederic has an ulterior motive to her question and not just to be nosy. Maybe it was simply to give Pete that subconscious nudge because she sees in them what they don't.

    I hope the show stays on this track. If so, I think it will be a worthy sereis finale. Ugh...still in denial though. SyFy could have at least ordered 13 episodes!

  • vespa4 Apr 24, 2014

    Also think its kind of sexist that everyone assumes that Mykas biggest worry or thought on her mind after a cancer scare and some invasive surgery is: "Oh my gosh, my biological clock is ticking and I need to go and make babies!"

  • nightgod473 Apr 29, 2014

    To be completely fair, even outside of the pressure of a final season, the cancer she had was cervical, so putting at least some focus on her future baby making potential is not completely crazy.

  • Gislef Apr 28, 2014

    It's more that the writers and producers are kind of creepy for a) pushing it, and b) having characters on the show push it. Since when does Mrs. Frederic get obsessed with the maternal interests of her agents?

  • vespa4 Apr 24, 2014

    I dont like that there pushing myka and pete together. For four seasons their relationship has been nothing but adorably plutonic, and theyve never had any romantic chemistry, theyve just loved each other as great friends/partners. I feel that Myka had a ton more romantic chemistry with HG Wells than Pete. I feel the writers are forcing them together just for some kind of big perfect ending to the show where all the characters wind up happily married and settled down away from the warehouse. Which would suck.

  • ukeishiro Apr 24, 2014

    What's with his hairs??? It's horrible!

  • erinahbing Apr 24, 2014

    Pete's bangs?
    From the preview I expected some cool jump-in-an-oldie-movie-or-book or alternative timeline artifact. Seriously. Disappointed.

  • bluemorphotat Apr 23, 2014

    Pete's bangs are awful! Where did that come from? Is the actor doing a 70's movie or something?

    I am watching this season for closure really because I never liked Warehouse 13 after the 1st Season :-(

    Pete & Myka together does not feel right at all puagh!

    Didn't Claudia have a brother somewhere?

  • MonkeyButler Apr 23, 2014

    Ugh... I really hope they are not planning to force a Pete/Myka romance on us :-(

    There's never been any kind of "will they, won't they?" with their relationship, and never any blatant sexual chemistry or mutual romantic interest like in Castle. To me, if Pete and Myka actually hooked up it would be like a brother and sister getting together... Wrong :-(

    Also... have the writers completely forgotten about Claudia's older brother Joshua? The reason she was in the mental hospital at the start, the reason she kidnapped Artie and discovered the Warehouse, the reason she ended up on the team? Where on Earth was he? Why no mention of him in the present? Why no mention or sight of him in the past memories?

  • bubujin_2 Apr 23, 2014

    The entire episode I kept hating on Pete's hair rug. Otherwise I enjoyed the episode. You're right about Claudia's lack of control and development, but I liked seeing her youthful back story.

    This is probably misquoted but at least the second best line of the episode was, "Like Teddy Kennedy's turn signal?"

  • RogueOnTheRocks Apr 23, 2014

    What? Okay, I share a lot of the same sentiments of others here, that Myka and Pete have always felt very platonic, which was a refreshing change of pace from most television. It seems like men and women are not allowed to be close friends unless they're preoccupied with another relationship. I'm cool with them wanting to make a platonic test tube baby, but where did all this pregnancy madness come from? Myka I kinda get, even though she's the only one who doesn't want to talk about her reproductive organs. And why is it that as soon as her lady parts are threatened, Pete suddenly wants to become a daddy? Am I missing something from a previous episode, or is this completely out of left field?

    I'll be honest, I'm absolutely a Berring and Wells fan, but I've been coming to grips with how that ship won't sail (even though Jinx is openly gay and we say his ex boyfriend, so on etc, but whatev). But I seriously thought they were setting it up for HG to come in an use an artifact in a non-warehouse sanctioned way to magic away the cancer, instead of it just being... benign (hoping there's more to it than that, but with 4 episodes to go...).

    Kinda wish the last precious episodes weren't just a mad scramble to fit in a few more goofy artifact hunts, sprinkled with Pete/Myka will-they-won't-they awkwardness. It's like kissing cousins. Fingers crossed that the writers are planning something spectacular.

  • vespa4 Apr 24, 2014

    Completely agree, and even though i know its in vain, I cant help but hope for some "HG Wells/Myka live happily ever after together" goodness in this final season!

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