Warren the Ape

Monday 10:30 PM on MTV - Music Television
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  • S 1 : Ep 39

    Enchanted Tiki Dreams


  • S 1 : Ep 13



  • S 1 : Ep 12

    Rock Opera

    Aired 8/30/10

  • S 1 : Ep 11

    Black Lotus

    Aired 8/23/10

  • S 1 : Ep 10

    Anger Management

    Aired 8/16/10

  • Cast & Crew
  • Drew Pinsky

    Dr Drew Pinsky

  • Dan Milano

    Warren "The Ape" Demontague

  • Josh Sussman

    Cecil Greenblatt

  • Peter Ishkhans


  • Dominika Wolski

    Ludmilla Laika

  • show Description
  • Warren the Ape, a D-list puppet stars in a series of parodies in this MTV series.

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    • Warren: Puppet auditions. Stench of failure and Febreeze is palpable.

    • Dr Drew: Have you ever seen a therapist before? Have you ever seen a psychiatrist, or? Warren: Aaahhh... Y'know, court mandated type stuff. Nothing serious. Dr Drew: Ok. Warren: Nothing I stuck with. Dr Drew: Do you have any medical problems? Warren: Aaahhh... I get the shakes. Dr Drew: How much alcohol do you use every day? Warren: Hmmmm.... Well.... It... I ... Dr Drew: Average? Warren: Ohh... Three, maybe four airline bottles. When you take into account my body weight.... Dr Drew: Got it. Warren: ...aaahhh, it's probably in the area of a sh*t load. Dr Drew: Pot? Warren: Oh, yeah. Sure. Dr Drew: Cocaine? Warren: Snorting. Only habitually. Dr Drew: Ok. Any abuse when you were growing up? Sexual abuse? Physical abuse? Warren: Aaahhhh.... You mean perpetrated by, or against? Dr Drew: Upon.... Upon. Right now I would caution you about telling me things that might require notification of state authorities.

    • Cecil: I'm not going to have sex 'til it's with someone I really love, and she loves me back. Warren: Mmmm.... So never?

    • Warren: Yeah! All right! This place is jumping, man! Ok, now you gotta remember everything we talked about right? All our strategies and conversations. Greg: Hmm... Warren, this outfit makes me look like a complete douche bag. Warren: Well, you do. You do look like a total douche. Greg: What?! Warren: Girls love douche bags. 'K? Makes you attractive to them. They want to know who you are. Why you are so douchey. Maybe you'll be douchey to them, maybe you won't. There's only one way to find out, and that's to bed ya. 'K?

    • Cecil: Just 'cause you like sci-fi doesn't mean you don't have sex. We just haven't done it yet.

    • Dr. Drew: So Warren, how you doing? Warren: Aah, not bad, not bad. Y'know, I've been taking stock lately. Dr. Drew: Of your life? Warren: No, of my episodes. And, aahh... Well, a lot of them kinda show me in a negative light. Which is weird, so thought maybe I could do a little something to correct that. I don't know, community service or something that's a little more positive and upbeat. Dr. Drew: I like the idea of community service. Warren: Mmm...yeah, yeah. Y'know, I was thinking, maybe I could volunteer some time at a local junior high. You know, talk to the kids about poor life choices. Dr. Drew: Well, you know something about poor life choices, Warren, but what do you know about middle school aged kids? Warren: Well actually, I happen to be qualified. I once did a movie called Ghetto School. Ghetto School Warren: I have learnt just as much from you, as you all have from me. And it has been an honor to call myself your teacher. You are all going to Harvard! Yeah! Give it up! Warren: It's good. It got two stars from Michael Medved. Dr. Drew: So, because you've done a movie, you're qualified to go in and speak to impressionable young kids; middle school aged? Warren: Pfft, c'mon, Drew. Impressionable kids?! These are juvenile delinquents straight out of hell! And I'm going to scare 'em straight. Dr. Drew: How? Warren: I find that usually terms that have some sort of like, yin yang symmetry to them. Like, "Hey kid! Don't do drugs, or drugs will do you!". Dr. Drew: I just don't believe for a second you're going to walk in there and just spout out a bunch of aphorisms. Warren: Drew. They're not all black.

    • Warren: Drew, got a great idea for you. Ok. You know how you were saying I should aahh, do the step program, the 12 steps? Dr. Drew: Yeah? Warren: Yeah, ok so I'm thinking not a bad idea. I looked them over, and I'll tell ya I really got a hard on for step 9. Dr. Drew: Warren, you're not ready for amends. Warren: No, no, no I am. I totally am. I'm so ready for amends. Dr. Drew: That's something you're gonna do in maybe a year from now. You're in no shape.... Warren: A year, Drew?! Come on! Dr. Drew: Warren, come on man. Your not in 'A' shape for this. You're still drinking, for Christ's sake! Warren: Look, we both know this is a long road and if I have any shot of finishing this thing I should probably start in the middle. Dr. Drew: I'm offended. Warren: Hmmm...kind of a buzz kill today.

    • Mark: If Pink had a penis, I would do her. But she doesn't. Merkle: I just wish you would keep those things to yourself, Mark.

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  • Stong show, wrong channel.

    By the_rabid_gamer, Oct 11, 2010