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  • Premiered at 12:00am (ET)

  • This episode premiered at a special date and time of Wednesday at 12:00am (ET) instead of the series' normal timeslot of Fridays at 12:00am (ET).

  • This episode premiered at the series' new timeslot of 11:00pm (ET) instead of its original timeslot of 12:00am (ET).

  • Although Andy addressed this episode as Watch What Happens: Live's 50th episode, it is actually the 51st episode in the series. However, he could have simply been referencing the fact that Watch What Happens: Live had aired 50 episodes and was over a year old at the time.

  • Mazel 2010 Award Nominees & Winners: Wig of the Year: Kim Zolciak Donald Trump Brett Michaels Wendy Williams (Winner) People's Champion of the Year: Levi Johnston Bristol Palin Oprah Winfrey Jimmy McMillan (Winner) Non-Homo-Sapien of the Year: Barbara Streisand's chickens NeNe's puppy Playa Sir Jiggy VanderPump (Winner) Grandma Wrinkles Most Rational Person of the Year: Rachel Maddow Resignation of the Year: Lindsay Lohan's lawyer Shawn Chapman Kanye West's media trainer Susie Arons Tiger Woods' coach Hank Haney JetBlue flight attendant Steven Slater (Winner) Employee of the Year: Flipping Out's Zoila (Winner) The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills' Camille Grammer's four nannies The Millionaire Matchmaker's Andrea The Real Housewives of Atlanta's Kim Zolciak's assistant Sweetie Entertainer of the Year: Jimmy Fallon (Winner) Katy Perry James Franco Oprah Winfrey Funniest Lady of the Year: Sarah Silverman Kristen Wiig (Winner) Tina Fey Betty White Movement of the Year: Jon Stewart & Stephen Colbert - The Rally to Restore Sanity and/or Fear Dan Savage & Terry Miller - It Gets Better Project (Winner) Various Celebrities - Digital Death Movement Tom Brady, Michele Bunchin & Sporty Spice - Earth Hour Movement Viewer's Choice Mazel of the Year: Repeal of DADT [21% of vote] Ben Weiner [30% of vote] Betty White [39% of vote] (Winner) Chilean Miners [10% of vote]