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Quotes (5)

  • Kip: My wife is a very needy woman. She's needy sexually, she's needy financially.
    Fiona: She's needy sexually? In what way, that she'd like to try it out?

  • Kip: I'm not an idiot
    Fiona: You do a good impression of one.

  • Fiona (to Richard): From what you're wearing I can't tell if you've gained weight or lost weight, because there's a lot of material.

  • Putsy: Do you remember when you were a little child and used to try to climb, well you were never little you were always too pudgy, but you would try to climb up onto my lap and cuddle? I know I should have cuddled you, and I blame myself for not cuddling, but it's not really your fault if you weren't appealing, and you were always eating something, you know, sticky and gooey. I just wish I had those days back, I would so treasure them.
    Fiona: Well, that's a darling thought!
    Putsy: I just want to sweep away this dysfunctional debris that exists between us.
    Fiona: That's how I feel, and I think little children are sticky and gooey and unappealing.
    Putsy: I do think that children, even little children, realize when their mothers are rejecting them.
    Fiona: Do you? Well I never felt that way.
    Putsy: You're not perceptive, and you never have been.

  • Claire: (to Fiona) So you just say words and hope at the end of the sentence that they make sense.

Notes (1)

  • The opening credits will be different in every episode because of the different stars who will appear in them. Since all the actors are credited in the opening credits and therefore considered as regular cast members (instead of recurring), Lisa Kudrow (Fiona Wallice) is the only member of the cast that will always appear in the opening credits as she'll appear in every episode.