A Modest Proposal

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Quotes (2)

  • Deputy C.P. Jones: You are making a big mistake Wilson, big. Doug: You know what else is big? My Johnson, and you could suck it!

  • Celia: (refusing to wear sneakers to work) Is it comfortable for me to work at Super Sneakers? Well, it's not. But I will suffer for my beliefs. You wanna know who else did that? Jesus. Doug: I thought Jesus wore Birkenstocks.

Notes (5)

  • Featured Music:
    "Cello Bop" by Gideon Freudmann
    "Great Day" by Bernie Barlow
    "Julia Florida" by Norbert Kraft
    "Lightbulb" by Rachel Goodrich

  • Original International Air Dates: Czech Republic: December 14, 2009 on HBO Comedy Australia: April 12, 2010 on GO! United Kingdom: May 30, 2011 on Sky ATLANTIC/Sky ATLANTIC HD

  • International Episode Titles: Czech Republic: Skromný návrh (Modest Proposal)

  • This episode is rated TV-MA for mild violence, graphic language and adult content.

  • The episode won an Emmy Award for Outstanding Cinematography for a Half-Hour Series.

Allusions (3)

  • Andy: ...When he dies and you're once, twice, three times a widow, don't expect Uncle Andy to stop by and make pizza eggs. The line "once, twice, three times a lady" was popularized by The Commodores as part of the lyrics of their 1978 single "Three Times a Lady".

  • Andy: I have no formal training per se, but uh, I was Ren Mar JCC Light Saber Battle Champ 79-82. (picks up an epee and stretches) That brings up some memories. (waves epee around and makes light saber noises) The light saber was a weapon of choice by Jedis in the Star Wars film franchise. It was popular for making a distinct buzz-like sound whenever it is waved around.

  • Nancy: Right, spinach gives you instant muscles and an anchor tattoo. Nancy was referring to the fictional cartoon Popeye the Sailorman from the long-running animated TV series Popeye. Popeye has an anchor tattoo on his forearm and grows instant muscles after gobbling up cans of spinach.