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  • 8.5

    An Elaborate Ploy and an Almond Joy: A Doug Wilson Story

    By Neksmater, Sep 09, 2010

    Peter tries to bust Haylia but she is holding a religious ceremony with her friend Joseph and other members of the Nation of Islam in her home she isn't taken away after Nancy tipped her off behind Peter's back. Peter becomes infuriated and gives her an ultimatum. Andy and the kids prepare for Judah's Birthday celebration for the year as Celia learns that Doug may be more competent at his job than he would let on as he enlightens her on a shady motion in progress and they grow close together and Dean keeps his daughter's well earned modeling money out of the hands of her mother. Great further installment and want to see the story go deeper and see how U Turn fits into this and if he will buy from Conrad's and Nancy's stash as is now conveniently locked away in a 5-digit locked safe.moreless

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  • 9.1

    It's Judah's birthday.

    By expatriot, Sep 25, 2007

    Great episode with an excellent twist. The biggest twist, for me, was Doug coming to Celia's aid during the council meeting followed by their meeting in the office which lead to them having sex. Is it revenge on Dean, an attempt to get the seat on the council back? Neither knew, but it happened nonetheless.

    I think it is good that Andy is back in the fold. Yes, he's a freeloader but he could do more harm from the outside than on the inside.

    I liked that Nancy warned Heylia.

    Shane revealing to Silas and Andy that Peter is with the DEA was a great moment. Both Silas and Andy were amazed that Nancy could even consider this and when Nancy tried to explain it to Silas and was more or less forced to tell him about their marriage, on Judah's birthday even, Silas freaked out.moreless

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  • 10

    Ouch (very delayed)...

    By xblvr, Oct 10, 2006

    So I am not sure how Nancy is ever going to get her family back, not even back to a dysfunctional place. Her job is doing ok for the moment (looks like Haylia is going to try to hurt her growing in the future). Even though Nancy did tell Heylia about the DEA raid so she could cover herself. Oh well – all is fair in love and war. Nancy and Peter seem to be on their last leg – too many fights over their clashing jobs. I am glad that Andy is back on the pay role. He does owe Nancy a lot but he is also part of the group. What was up w/ Doug and Celia?? Oh my god!! Funny and creepy at the same time. Can’t wait until next week – looks like Conrad and Nancy are going to hook-up or come close to it. I also love the Deschanel sisters (Emily from Bones and Zooey from Eulogy and Hitchhiker’s Guide) so I am glad to see Zooey as Andy’s crazy ex.moreless

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