Lady's a Charm

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  • 7.0

    Nancy goes on her first mission.

    By thefanof, Jun 08, 2011

    After a dull season premiere, this episode did very little to get people excited about Weeds again. There were a few funny lines, but the characters are beginning to feel like they have "overstayed their welcome" for a lack of better words, on TV. Guillermo is not a very believable character at all, and his whole persona comes off as extremely fake. I also wouldn't buy how comfortable Nancy is with this whole situation, unless it eventually leads to a break-down later in the season. Weeds needs to get itself back on track if they want the praise the show once got.moreless

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  • 7.5

    The story is still developping...

    By -amanda-, Jun 26, 2008

    Nothing special here...but it's still the beginning of the season, they are just creating the story! I hope things get more intense soon!

    OMG, Silas is so hot!! He didn't use to have that body!! The boy worked out a lot!! And he is such a man now...loved the new hair!!

    Shane is grew up too, but he's still too young for me! lol

    Seriously, Shane (now i mean the character) is smarter now...he's got potential!

    I actually felt pity for Celia, but just for a second because after that the detective or whatever came with Nancy's the hell did he get that photo??

    Nancy is dealing in the boundary now...things are getting more and more dangerous!

    Well, for the next episode I hope more improvements and more Silas with no t-shirt!!moreless

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