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  • 8.5

    Great show on the wrong network.

    By Carnus, Jan 25, 2009

    Ok, Another show that J.J. Abrams had a part in that was GREAT! Instead of the teens and the twenty-somethings, you had a show about thirty-somethings and it had a superb cast. This show's cast is what made the show so great. I really miss this show. The complete series is available on DVD, and I went out and bought it just to see the last 5 epsiodes that I missed. I found myself watching the entire series from the beginning becuase it was fun to watch the whole show again.

    Although it is over, I am glad I was able to at least see the last epsiodes. Too bad ABC dropped the ball with another J.J. Abrams show (Six Degrees). They didn't even bother putting that one on DVD. What is wrong with ABC? I feel as if all they want to produce are Sex and the city clones. They already have Desperate Housewives, and they butchered Grey's Anatomy's storylines too. Then came Dirty Sexy Money. Uggh. If it were not for LOST, I'd boycott ABC altoghter.moreless

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  • 3.0

    This show was way too unfocused!

    By SOHA15, Jan 21, 2009

    The first 5 episodes (being the whole of season 1) was super duper awesome!! but then in the 2nd season, they really started losing focus when they got rid of marjorie who was like a main character, and brian's storyline kinda revolved around that. they tried to act like marjorie wasn't brian's soulmate at all, then what the heck was all the first season crap for? why'd they bother taking it in that direction and making u want brian and marjorie together.....i think that was the biggest mistake they made with What about Brian, and then also getting rid of that one guy who was brian's sister's husband and having him die........like it made me feel like this show just tosses out characters left and right, and ur still left trying to figure out who on the show is actually gonna stick around and where the heck they're going with the story. This show started off good, and then ended up like what the heck are they trying to tell us. This show had potential but definitely needed some major fixing!moreless

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  • 10

    Story of Brian and his friends, family and finding 'the one' and knowing what to do when you do find 'her'.

    By sab_damon, Apr 27, 2008

    What is going on with TV execs these days? Honestly, have they all lost the plot? This is the best show i've seen in years. And it only got 2 seasons. That's just crazy. The most well cast, well scripted, moving, funny (need i go on) show to hit tv in years. This show should inspire others, it certainly did me. Well done to everyone involved in creating it and boo to those who only look at statistics instead of how much people actually love something. Maybe they could do a reunion show to end it off the way we all desperately needed it to be.... please....moreless

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    I absolutely loved this show!!! Please bring it back...

    By ladyjpf24, Apr 01, 2008

    This show had some of the best chemistry... I can't believe they didn't bring it back. I looked forward to watching it every week. I loved it!!!

    What does a fan have to do to make sure their favorite show doesn't get removed from the schedule?? I didn't even know that the last episode I watched was the "series finale." Can't the network at least warn you that a show is getting cancelled? I think it's lousy that they cancelled this show. I would like to see them bring it back -- and soon.

    Why do all the best shows get cancelled?? Please bring "What About Brian?" back!!!moreless

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    This was a great show. When is it coming back on? Please bring it back!!!!!!

    By ang99, Feb 07, 2008

    Fabulous Show!!!!!! It keeps you on your toes, looking forward to whats going to happen next. It leaves you waitng and looking forward to the next week to see what, when, and who's doing what to whom or with whom. Every episode is different, not the same repeat of the episode before. Its not like all the other shows out there. I've been waiting for its return. When is it coming back on for season 3 or is it? They have got to bring this back at least to finish the story line, instead of leaving everyone hanging on to.........nothing. Please bring this wonderful show back on the air and get rid of the stupid new shows like Pushing Daisies, and some of those other 30 minute shows that no one watches.moreless

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  • 1.0

    What About Him

    By tvobsessive, Dec 22, 2007

    What about him sticking what about in front of every episode title it's stupid yes we get it the show is called what about Brian it doesn't make it like friends or Seinfeld where every title started with the one with or the one where or just The utterly pointless. The real question is what about him, Brian is a smug git approaching middle age agonising over problems nobody could possibly care about, oh my god should i date this beautiful woman or the other one, should i get a real job or try to find myself co i'm a deep and serious not,as for his friends including the token black guy all are equally a bunch of insipid boring unoriginal cut and paste characters with problems that are either stupid or have been done before and done better on other shows. It is bad and should be binned total trash.

    The high score of 1.2 is purely because some of the women in have been truly attractive, the 1 is for them the .2 is for the show itself.moreless

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  • 10

    personal favorite, better every season. I am patiently awaiting its return. do they ever outright let you know if a show has been cancelled? you just wonder and leave it on your tivo auto record... just in case. When is it coming back?

    By dj_angeldust79, Oct 29, 2007

    Waiting waiting waiting for its return. When is the new season going to start? They need to bring is back. The last espisode was not series finale -- in fact it wasn't even a season finale... what happend? i know it had viewers. Great show!!! I want "What About Brian" to return. Even my hubby liked this show. It is not one of the shows that he calls "teeny bopper- its okay to have sex as a teenager with whoever and evryone you want" shows. It is a real like , real experience show, only its not reality tv. It is a tv drama and a good one. It is a great show especially for those of us who grew up watching 90210. This is us now matured and still craving a great show with a great story line and not to many characters to follow. These characters are a tight group of family and friends, just like 90210, but they are older, out of college with kids (some of them. They are going through this like what we go through in our daily lives. Cheating, falling in love, rekindling the marriage, kids, just daily life in america with out the reality tv garbage. Just clean daily life in tv drama form. Absolutely wonderful-- now where did it go?moreless

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    Bring this wonderful show back and very soon.

    By Grizzy97, Oct 24, 2007

    I want this show to come back on I absolutely loved this.I hate it when a really good show comes on and then leaves you haning wondering whats going to happen next and then it never comes on again.BRING IT BACK!!!!!! I mean I was really liking how things were coming with Deana and her husband I wanted to see how things came out also with Brian. I noticed he was on a new show already so this show probably isnt going to come back. Just to let my word be known I really like this show and I want it to come back,,,end of story...moreless

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    BRING back What about Brian - can't understand why when you get a good show you don't give it a chance. You took off Commander and Cheif and now this. Who is making these decisions. Bring it back and October Road; Finally something worth watching

    By Hoopesk, Oct 15, 2007

    I love What about Brian. It's funny, and dramatic, and warm, and entertaining. You need to bring it back. People can relate to these characters. It's one of those shows that take you away from the every day duldromes, and lifts you up. The characters are teriffic, the cast is wonderful. ENTERTAINING to say the least. Please bring it back. This is one worth watching, it's one of those feel good shows, and we need more of them and less of the violence and police shows. It's someting I could watch with my teenagers, and they enjoyed it as well. That is rare in of itself. Love this show.moreless

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