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    How Dman Why there no Season 3

    By Kylefan, Dec 03, 2006

    Wow I dont know How to say That And what I fell about This Show This My Funny Show Ever I allways wacth this Show When I am Sick or Well Little Sad This Wily Same Funny Show I wily like That I like all the Cast of this Show And I am A fun of Kyle Chandler So... This woes wily Great to Wacth Kyle Make a Joke Same time This look like a Make a Joke of is Self and Joan wow Joan Is The Best She make me Funny How she wont to Get to is Friends Live and Help Them Like she Doing to Jake lol

    Well this is My Great Funny Show Why the show is not on DVDmoreless

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    Personal favorite....

    By lovethalis, Dec 22, 2005

    Being from Chicago, Joan Cusack's hometown, I was very fond of this show from the get-go. It was an innovative idea: a show filmed outside of NY or LA? With a live studio audience? Will it work? I was lucky enough to attend quite a few tapings including some days where I experienced the behind-the-scene rehearsals. Right away I fell in love with the Joan-isms and humor of the show. I was glued to my tv every Tuesday when it aired and was very disappointed when ABC didn't support the show and pulled the plug. All I can hope for is that someday ABC will "throw us a bone" and decide to put it out on DVD along with the few episodes that were taped and never aired.moreless

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