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  • TLC's What Not To Wear is a spin off of What Not To Wear airing on BBC America. The reality show premise is simple: friends and family members nominate a candidate that they consider poorly dressed and ask the show to make over the "fashion victim." Fashion Police Stacy London and her partner, Clinton Kelly (or Wayne Scott Lukas in the first season) ambush the candidate and make them an offer-- they are given a $5000.00 budget for a new wardrobe, which they must purchase in New York City boutiques over the course of two days, but only on the condition that they allow Stacy & Clinton/ Wayne to critique, and in most cases throw out, their existing wardrobe. For grooming tips, hairdresser Nick Arrojio and makeup artist Carmindy help refine the candidate's look.moreless

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  • S 12 : Ep 12

    The Last Hurrah in Vegas

    Aired 10/18/13

  • S 12 : Ep 11

    Fan Mail

    Aired 10/18/13

  • S 12 : Ep 10

    Megumi H.

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    Jennifer W.

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  • S 12 : Ep 8

    Molly S. and Mandy Y.

    Aired 9/27/13

  • Cast & Crew
  • Clinton Kelly

    Fashion Expert (2004-Present)

  • Stacy London

    Fashion Expert

  • Jillian Hamilton

    Host (2003)

  • Ted Gibson

    Hairdresser (2009- present)

  • Carmindy Bowyer

    Make-Up Artist

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  • Quotes (20)

    • Christine's thoughts on dress shoes-(Holding a piece of pizza on her foot) "Those shoes look like pizza. Can I fit this pizza on my foot?" "

    • Clinton:(talking about Gina's skirt) If that were any higher, you'd be arrested.

    • Stacy: Did she just tell me no? (holding up a shirt for Gina to try). Gina: Um, yes. Stacy: Oh, I get it! It comes up to the neck!

    • Stacy: talking to Gina Who the hell are you? I'm sorry, when did Audrey Hepburn get here?

    • Clinton trying to persuade her to throw away a shirt: Come on everybody is doing it. Stacy: Yea be one of the cool kids. Elizabeth: If all the kids were jumping off a bridge would you too?

    • Kelly: (to Nick & Carmindy) I admit it. I, Kelly, am a hairspray-aholic.

    • Clinton: Would you get a load of Tish's new shoe wardrobe Stacy: How many pointy toes did the woman get?! Clinton: It's fabulous.

    • Stacy: It doesn't surprise me that you say you wear this shirt to the movies. Clinton: Why would that be, Stacy? Stacy: Because it's dark in there, Clinton.

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    Notes (20)

    • Last appearance of Wayne.

    • When this episode was repeated six months later, Ross was invited back to the studio to see if he had kept up with his new look. Stacy and Clinton gave him a passing grade, but took him back to Nick's salon to fix his hair.

    • David is one of the candidates that is revisited for a follow-up in the special, "What Not To Wear At Work." He has kept up with his new look, except for the occasional slip into wearing baseball caps.

    • When this ep was repeated 10/22/04, the Stacy & Clinton season 3 opening was used, even though it is a season 2 ep.

    • Information about her career as a singer can be found at http://meganslankard.com/

    • Gina Marchioni, a former WNTW candidate, is a friend of Aysha's who helped give the "closet tour."

    • A new introduction, featuring Stacy and Clinton magically making over people walking down the street, replaces the old opening of two women stripping each other of their tacky clothing.

    • When this episode first aired, live segments hosted by Stacy & Clinton were used as bumpers before commercials and they did the narration for voiceover segments. The last ten minutes were devoted to surprising the following week's participant, Melanie Lapatton, with a "live ambush." Subsequent repeats of the episode have been edited to leave out the segments and the usual announcer was dubbed in.

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    Trivia (6)

    • Despite the fact that the show aired Laura Miranda's wedding ceremony, her last name, maiden or married, was never announced during the episode. The narrator always referred to her as Laura Miranda, as if it was all one name.

    • Veronica is married, while Valerie is single, but the narrator gives them the same last name, Reyes. Shouldn't Veronica's last name be different?

    • Melanie is a choreographer for Season 6 of So You Think You Can Dance. On the episode on November 3, 2009, Melanie was wearing Purple!!

    • Lisa's last name is not mentioned during the episode's narration. It was provided in a TLC press release found on their message boards.

    • Although the announcer mentions Vesenia's last name in the introduction of the episode, the last names of the rest of her party, including the groom's, are never mentioned. At the end of the episode when the wedding is shown, they forget to announce the couple.

    • Joanna's last name, nor the last names of the other two women considered, was never mentioned during the course of the episode.

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    Allusions (3)

    • Clinton & Stacy: (singing) Would you be mine? Could you be mine? Won't you be my neighbor?
      Ken, trying on clothing in a men's store, emerges wearing a cardigan sweater, dress shirt, and tie. Clinton and Stacy sing part of the theme song to Fred Roger's children show as a joke to let Ken know that look is not right for him. From 1963-2002, Rev. Fred Rogers hosted a PBS children's series, Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood. His trademark look was a hand knit cardigan sweater worn over his dress shirt and tie.

    • Veronica: I'm Veronica, and I'm dressed like Princess.
      Veronica is wearing a costume that looks like the 1960's Japanese Anime character, Princess, from the series, Battle of the Planets, AKA G-Force, about a team of superhero teenagers who protected the Earth from alien invaders with giant robot monsters. Their outfits resembled birds, with wing shaped capes and helmets with long bills for visors.

    • Clinton: Did Bill Cosby have a garage sale?
      Kelly appears in the 360 mirror wearing a large oversized pullover sweater with a crazy pattern on it. Clinton is reminded of the wild sweaters Bill Cosby used to wear as Dr. Cliff Huxtable on The Cosby Show.

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