Whatever Happened to Robot Jones

Cartoon Network (ended 2003)
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  • Episode Guide
  • S 2 : Ep 13

    Summer Camp / Rules of Dating

    Aired 11/14/03

  • S 2 : Ep 11

    Safety Patrol / Popularity

    Aired 11/7/03

  • S 2 : Ep 9

    House Party / School Newspaper

    Aired 10/31/03

  • S 2 : Ep 7

    The Yogman's Strike Back / Hookie 101

    Aired 10/24/03

  • S 2 : Ep 5

    The Garage Band / Work

    Aired 10/17/03

  • Cast & Crew
  • Jeff Bennett

    Principal Madman

  • Grey DeLisle

    Mon Unit / Shannon Westerburg

  • Dee Bradley Baker

    Mr. Workout

  • Rip Taylor

    Mr. McMcMc

  • Greg Cipes

    Jocko Jr.

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  • show Description
  • Robot Jones is about a Robot that collects information on daily life of an average middle school student. He has to face the normal stuff every student in middle school does... exams, friends, bullies, and... crushes. This show actually takes place in the 80's. If you liked the 80's you will love this Cartoon, no doubt at all. Characters: Robot Jones: The main character, required to make friends, gather information on humans Mom and Dad Unit: Robot Jones's parents, they give him missions Socks: Robot Jones best friend, who he hangs out with alot, and loves to rock 'n roll Mitch: Another one of Robot's friends, likes to listen to music a lot and play video games Cubey: A total video game freak (Notice his Pacman shirt), loves to do nothing but play video games at the local arcade Shannon: The girl that Robot Jones is in love with, although he can never get her attention... Lenny and Denny Yogman: Your regular school bullies, except there siblings. They often get jealous of Robot Jones and try to cause trouble. Principal Madman: The principal of the middle school, who's also a hitler look-alike. He loves to throw his authority. Mr. McMcMc: Robot Jones math teacher, who isn't as smart as Robot Jones, (because he's a robot!) and he gets jealous of him. Mr. Workout: Robot Jones PE Teacher, a real hard guy while in PE. Theme Song: (A bunch of electric guitar music) Kids: Whatever happened to... Robot Jones: ROBOT JONES Robot Jones is canceled, there will not be a 3rd season.moreless

  • Trivia & Quotes
  • Quotes (16)

    • Socks: That robot eats lunch with his butt! (kids laugh)

    • Robot Jones: Maybe Grampz Unit's right (a pile of soot falls out of Grampz Unit) Or maybe he's just an old bucket of bolts.

    • Robot Jones: Poor, inefficient humans. How ridiculous.

    • Mr. Mitchell: There's ping-pong... Kids: Yeah! Mr. Mitchell: Hockey... Kids: Cool! Mr. Mitchell: Soccer. Kids: Boss!

    • Robot Jones: Oops, bite my tongue.

    • Mr. Madman: Don't you know what germs are? Robot Jones: Germs. Noun. See influenza.

    • Socks: Dude, he tried to pick my nose! Cubey: Zombies!

    • Socks: Okay, this is it, Robot... don't get nervous! Robot Jones: Do not worry, I have nerves of steel! No, really... they are made of steel.

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    Notes (32)

    • Robot Jones has a crush on the school dork, Shannon.

    • The schoolbus license plate reads "R2D2", as in the robot R2-D2 seen in the Star Wars movies.

    • MR MC MC MC's voice is also different in this episode.

    • In this pilot, Mitch, Cubey, Socks, and the Yogman twins look slightly different, and there not really characters, just characters that you see in the background, and they probably didn't even have names yet (Prob Kid 1, Kid 2, etc.) Robot Jones apparently has teeth. Also most of the backgrounds aren't colored, but there inst really much of an animation difference from the series. Also Socks and Mom Unit sounds completely different, although Socks only says 1 line.

    • This episode can still be seen as the first segment before "Electic Buggaloo" and "Music Video".

    • This was a choice in Cartoon Network's "Cartoon Sumerfest 2000", but was not picked. Luckily in July 2002, it was picked up.

    • The animation style of this cartoon is a parody of Schoolhouse Rock.

    • The contestants in "The cube off" are Robot, the Yogmans, and Cubey.

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    Trivia (10)

    • When you see Mitch in the first scene sat next to Socks, his hair colour is lighter and he is also about the same height as socks but when you see him in the next scene in the dinning hall his hair is darker and is back to the normal size of today. Lenny Yogman is the same size as his twin Denny. In the actual series he's taller and lankier.

    • Near the end of "P.U. to P.E." Robot runs outside and it's in the middle of the day. But then after he takes a shower. They show the outside as dark. While he's still in school.

    • In Robot's dream, after the shower was taken, he perished into a skeleton.

    • In "Cube Wars", Robot Jones makes no data log entry and feels he learned nothing in competition. This is because he didn't know about cheating and the Yogmans cheated and won. This made Robot Jones mad at the end.

    • In "Cube Wars", The cube that they refer to as the wonder cube is in real life called the rubic cube.

    • How could Robot sneeze on Principal Madman? He's a robot, he doesn't sneeze.

    • When the Yogmans show off their unsolvable cube to each other, it is solved (except of course for the two stickers). But, when they hold it up to the camera and laugh, it is completely jumbled up.

    • In the scene where Pam has her arm around Robot Jones neck when you hear echo of cubey shouting ( YOU GIRL!!!) her hand is coloured in grey same as Robots.

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    Allusions (7)

    • Robot only feeds on oil, as we've seen in older episodes, but in this one, he eats a piece of toast.

    • Mitch: What's up Robo J? Wanna play some Monkey Kong Jr.?
      Not only is Monkey Kong Jr. an obvious spoof of Nintendo's Donkey Kong Jr., but this could also be a reference to a popular rumor of how Donkey Kong got his name. Which is, that Donkey KongĀ“s name would be Monkey Kong but due to a bad phone connection someone heard wrong and thought that it was Donkey Kong.

    • The Scantron: It resembles to H.A.L. 9000 from 2001 Space Oddesy, and a scene from the movie is spoofed where HAL reads the astronaughts lips, in the show the scantron watched Jones and Shannon in the same style from that movie.

    • Hott Rider: It is a spoof of Kitt from the action series, Knight Rider.

    • Background Music: Where There's a Whip When we first see Robot Jones' decoy robot, the song that is playing is an electronic version of the "Where There's a Whip, There's a Way" song the Orcs sing in Rankin-Bass' Return of the King.

    • Robot wipes actual sweat off of his forehead after fooling the principal with his decoy robot. Of course, robots don't sweat.

    • Mr. Shwartz. Camp Instructor: "When the hand goes up, the mouth goes shut!"
      The Camp Instructor in this episode says, "When the hand goes up, the mouth goes shut!". This is a reference to the film "Meatballs". In the film, the Camp Instructor, Morty, wears a shirt that says, "When the hand goes up, the mouth goes shut"

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  • Fan Reviews (30)

    By NostalgiaFaggot, Aug 05, 2014

  • A show that started out good, but really bottomed out near the end. And the main trigger of it was changing something that SHOULD NEVER have been changed.

    By LaserAlloy, Nov 15, 2011

  • what the heck is wrong with you people

    By ElectronicPest, Oct 02, 2005

  • Robot Jones reminds me of myself a lot to be honest.

    By SandMan967ALT, Mar 01, 2010

  • Come ON!

    By lisafregilt, Aug 01, 2009

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