What's My Line?


Season 17, Ep 10, Aired 11/7/65
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  • DOROTHY KILGALLEN'S FINAL WHAT'S MY LINE? EPISODE Game 1: Mr. Spoony Singh (aka Spoony Singh-Sundher) (10/20/1922 - 10/18/2006) - "Owns & Operates Wax Museum" (self-employed; from Hollywood, CA, he founded the Hollywood Wax Museum in 1965; he wore a dark turban and a light-colored fully-buttoned knee-length Nehru jacket; Mr. Daly correctly guessed that he was of the Sikh religion; he said his wax museum contains 60% movie star figures, and 40% religious and political figures; he stumped the panel; Spoony Singh died at age 83 on October 18, 2006 at his home in Malibu, California. He suffered from congestive heart failure; more notes below) Game 2: Mrs. Katherine W. Stone - "Sells Dynamite" (salaried; she works for Atlas Powder Company; from Madisonville, KY) Game 3: Joey Heatherton (b. 9/14/1944) (as Mystery Guest) Game 4: Miss Elinor Kaine (b. 3/7/1936) - "Football Writer (For Newspapers, Magazines, Etc.)" (self-employed; from New York City, NY; she writes 2 syndicated columns; one is a sports column for women, and the other is called "The Football News"; see notes below) . .moreless

  • Cast & Crew
  • John Daly

    Moderator (1950-1967)

  • Arlene Francis

    Regular Panelist (1950-1967)

  • Bennett Cerf

    Regular Panelist (1951-1967)

  • Dorothy Kilgallen

    Regular Panelist (1950-1965)

  • Joey Heatherton

    Mystery Guest

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  • One of the most fascinating episodes - Dorothy's last appearence

    By StyTownKid, Mar 31, 2007

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    • John: Bennett's going to be in Bridgeport this week --- lock the house, and thanks for being with us on What's My Line?

    Notes (18)

    • GSN BROADCAST HISTORY: For the third airing, the episodes took longer than usual to cycle through their full rotation because GSN switched from daily airings to weekly airings between the dates of October 2, 2006 and January 1, 2008, when they once again resumed daily airings. - Suzanne (updated 2008) 1) Aired on April 14, 2002 in regular rotation. 2) Aired on July 7, 2004, in regular rotation. 3) Aired on July 16, 2007, in regular rotation.

    • REVIEW: This was a fair night for the panel as they had a .500 record for the evening. In the first game, the panel was completely stumped by Spoony Singh, the owner of the Hollywood Wax Museum. In the second game, Dorothy correctly guessed that the second contestant sold dynamite for a living. In the mystery guest round, Bennett correctly identified Joey Heatherton. Joey was on the show to promote her upcoming tours with Bob Hope; first to Santo Domingo and secondly to Vietnam to entertain the troops. John also mentioned Joey's dad, Ray Heatherton, who was one of the pioneers of radio. In the final game, Dolly Mae correctly guessed that the contestant was a female writer. However, all the cards had been flipped due to the time running out. Dorothy's guess would prove to be somewhat poignant, because a few hours after this show signed off for the evening, an event would happen to change the course of WML forever; the death of Dorothy Mae Kilgallen. - Sargebri (2007) KILGALLEN WATCH!!! Dorothy seemed to be in good spirits this evening and with the exception of a little slur during her introduction of Tony, there was no indication of the tragedy that would happen in the wee hours of the next day. Of course, Dorothy might have had a little nip earlier this evening, but it didn't hinder her game performance. However, sometime in the early morning hours of November 8, 1965, Dorothy consumed a lethal combination of tranquilizers and alcohol which would lead to her untimely passing at the age of 52. - Sargebri (2007) VIETNAM!!! As John had mentioned in the post mystery guest round chat, Joey Heatherton was about to go on a tour of Vietnam with Bob Hope during the first of his Christmas visits to that country to entertain the troops there. Of course, this was at a time when the American public still supported the war in Vietnam and it wouldn't be until the January 1968 Tet Offensive that the public's opinion of the war would sharply change. - Sargebri (2007)

    • (1) "THIS IS THE END, BEAUTIFUL FRIEND": As mentioned, this was Dorothy Kilgallen's final appearance on "WML?" Fittingly, the person to have the distinction of sitting on the panel with Dorothy, Arlene and Bennett on this pivotal occasion was the second most prolific male guest panelist in the show's history, Tony Randall. Interestingly, Mr. Randall was one of two people - the other being "prodigal son" and "old friend" Steve Allen - who sat on the panel with Dorothy one week and then appeared again two weeks after their respective previous appearances, following her death. Indeed, for four straight weeks in this period, the two of them made "back-to-back" appearances on the program. Tony's next appearance after tonight's show will be EPISODE #791 of November 21, 1965. After that, he will appear 19 more times, including once as a mystery guest, until the end of "WML?'s" CBS run in 1967 - more than the 13 times that Martin Gabel, the most prolific of the male guest panelists, appeared in the post-Kilgallen era. (2) GSN AIRING TALLY: GSN's most recent airing of this episode was July 16, 2007. Previously, the cable and satellite channel had run it on July 7, 2004, and before that, on April 14, 2002. (3) MYSTERY GUEST IRONY #1: Given Joey Heatherton's use of a throaty, "mannish" voice to try to throw off the panel and Dorothy's asking at one point if her real first name was Norma, more than five years before tonight's show, on EPISODE #503 of February 28, 1960, Peggy Lee - whose birth name was Norma Dolores Egstrom, which was the basis for Dolly Mae's question on this occasion - was the mystery guest, and the panelist who successfully guessed her identity back then was Miss Kilgallen herself. However, on the 1960 show, Miss Lee had used a little girl's voice. (4) MYSTERY GUEST IRONY #2: Four years to the day of Dorothy's passing, on November 8, 1969, Miss Heatherton appeared as a guest in a "Color Honeymooners" episode of "The Jackie Gleason Show," entitled "Happiness Is a Rich Uncle." Joey played gold-digging go-go girl "Emily Gogolak" who was romancing Ralph's "Uncle Howard" (played by David Burns). This episode was most recently aired on the American Life cable channel on July 21 and 22, 2007 - less than a week after GSN's July 16, 2007 airing of tonight's "WML?" show. (5) HEATHERTON RELATIONS: Mystery guest Joey Heatherton was not the only offspring of "Merry Mailman" Ray Heatherton's to make a name independent of her dad's fame. Her brother, Dick Heatherton, was a radio disk jockey who held the afternoon drive slot at New York oldies station WCBS-FM from 1972 to 1986. He also served as program director for a Los Angeles beautiful music station and worked as a broadcasting consultant. In addition, in the late 1970's, he was a sub-announcer on "The $20,000 Pyramid." (6) "WML?" SPONSOR WATCH: Tonight's opening sponsor is Fleischmann's Margarine, and the closing sponsor is Kool cigarettes. (The Kool "Filter Kings" cigarette ad has been omitted from GSN airings ever since the cable and satellite channel's self-imposed ban on vintage cigarette advertising took effect). - W-B (2007 & 2008) (7) "LIVE" WATCH: This, Dorothy's "WML?" swan song, is the 68th known surviving kinescope of a live transmission wherein the opening had the word "live" edited out. (8) "WML?" CREW CREDITS WATCH: As was the case last week, James Murphy is credited as production supervisor. (9) After the July 16, 2007 airing of tonight's show, GSN aired the very last episode of "The Name's the Same," originally broadcast on October 7, 1955. This series finale was sponsored by Ralston Purina and hosted by Clifton Fadiman, with the panel consisting of Joan Alexander, Mike Wallace (whom Mr. Fadiman introduced as a "Broadway producer" as well as television personality), Audrey Meadows and Roger Price, and the celebrity guest was Brooklyn Dodgers first baseman (and future New York Mets manager) Gil Hodges. Interestingly, almost all the people on this installment appeared in one way or another on "WML?" - Miss Meadows as a mystery guest, Mr. Fadiman as one of only three guest "panel moderators" in "WML?'s" history, and Mr. Price and Miss Alexander as guest panelists. The only notable exception was the future "60 Minutes" co-anchor, who at John Daly's insistence was replaced at the last minute as mystery guest with Sammy Davis, Jr. on EPISODE #364 of May 26, 1957; details of which can be found in the notes to that episode. Mr. Hodges himself would appear on "WML?", as a mystery guest on EPISODE #665 of May 26, 1963 - exactly six years to the day after that earlier "WML?" show. - W-B (2007)

    • FLIP REPORT: John flipped all the cards for the final contestant at eight down because time had run out. As he was flipping the cards, Dorothy made her final identification, the correct guess that the contestant was a writer. - agent_0042 (2007)

    • THE 1965 NYC BLACKOUT: In two days, on November 9, 1965, New York City will be plunged into a blackout. On the next week's episode, Bennett Cerf mentions the blackout during questioning. The "Northeast Blackout of 1965" was a significant disruption in the supply of electricity on November 9, 1965, affecting Ontario, Canada and the U.S. states of Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Vermont, New York and New Jersey. Approximately 25 million people (covering 80,000 square miles) were plunged into darkness and left without electricity for up to twelve hours. The cause of the failure originated at a power-generating station in Ontario. Often, when a notable actor or actress passes away, the lights of Broadway are dimmed for a minute. In addition, when a notable stage entertainer dies, the lights of The Strip in Las Vegas, Nevada are likewise dimmed for a minute. Fans of Dorothy Kilgallen like to think that the enormous blackout was a similar salute to her life and career. She passed away on November 8, 1965. - Suzanne (2004)

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