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  • Steve: Oh, dear, I thought it was Goodson and Todman. Or Donder and Blitzen, somebody like that. Now I'm at a loss.

  • John: We'll be back with our (giggles) final mystery guest (giggles) in just a moment.

  • John: (introducing a video clip of Bennett) Now famous for his long, complicated and punny introductions, watch how he did the first time out.

  • Bennett: (regarding the "Mystery Guest") I smell eight rats.

  • (Shortly after the introductions, John Daly salutes the hippies he had seen while on a visit to San Francisco during this 1967 "Summer of Love.") John: Bennett, did you hear about the two hippies who were married in the bathtub? Bennett: No, I didn't. John: It was a double ring ceremony. Little did either man know that the following year, the new syndicated What's My Line? would feature mystery guest Sam Levenson commenting on the hippies. In later syndie years such as 1970 and 1971, viewers saw "hippie" mystery guests Buffy Sainte Marie, Frank Zappa and Cass Elliot. Far out.

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