Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?

PBS (ended 1995)
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  • S 5 : Ep 50

    A Rodent Ran Through It

    Aired 12/22/95

  • S 5 : Ep 49

    Totem Bites Back

    Aired 12/21/95

  • S 5 : Ep 48

    Art So Nice, They Stole it Twice

    Aired 12/20/95

  • S 5 : Ep 47

    Ready, Willing and Cable

    Aired 12/19/95

  • S 5 : Ep 46

    Latitude Adjustment

    Aired 12/18/95

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  • Lynne Thigpen

    The Chief

  • Greg Lee


  • Doug Preis


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    Themselves (theme music singers)

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  • Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?, based on the popular computer game, was first seen in September of 1991 and became one of the most popular kids' game shows of all time. The series aired on PBS, probably the best place to reach it's target audience. Like the computer game, the game show's basic purpose was to ultimatly capture the head of an international crime syndicate. In this case, the head was Carmen Sandiego and in each episode she would send one of her henchmen out to steal a national landmark. The contestants job was to use their knowlegde of geography to track each criminal from country to country and city to city with the goal of capturing the henchman, restoring the landmark to it's home, and whom ever got enough points would have the chance to capture Carmen. The game show was hosted by Greg Lee and the contestants were given orders from The Chief, played by Lynne Thigpen, who ran the ACME Detective Agency. Rockapella was the singing group that sang the popular theme song and helped give the contestants clues. The V.I.L.E. Henchmen Carmen's henchman consisted of Vic the Slick, The Contessa, Robocrook, Top Grunge, Eartha Brute, Patty Larceny and Double Trouble. The Contessa left at the end of the 1st season and returned in the 4th season with a new look. At the beginning of the second season, Kneemoi and Wonder Rat joined the ranks of the other henchman, followed by Sarah Nade in the 3rd Season. In 1996, the original format of the series came to an end. That fall, the series was redesigned and renamed Where in Time is Carmen Sandiego? Theme Song: "Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?" Written by: Sean Altman & David Yazbek Sung by: Rockapella Spinoffs: Where in Time is Carmen Sandiego? First Telecast: September 1991 Last Telecast: September 1996 Episodes: 295 Color Episodes PBS Broadcast History September 1991-September 1996----Weekdaysmoreless

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    • Greg: (picks up the phone) ACME Crime Net. Mona Lisa: (on phone) ACME Crime Net? It's Lisa. (furiously) When you are gone, rescue me! If this jerk drags me through the Van Gogh Museum one more time, I'm gonna throw him in the Amstel River! Everything's written in Dutch. Get me out of here right now!!! Greg: We're on the case, ma'am! Thanks so much for calling. Been a pleasure. Bye. (he hangs up) Greg: I love it when she calls.

    • Vic: Hey, boss lady, I gotta stash Lisa someplace. She's gettin' on my nerves. Carmen: Take her to a souk in Morocco. Vic: Souk? What's a souk? Carmen: It's an outdoor market where you can find everything from snake charmers to pastries filled with pigeon meat. Vic, you'll love the souk. You can argue over the price of everything. Vic: Yeah? Where is this Morocco place, huh? Carmen: It's a country in northern Africa on the Mediterranean Sea. And Vic? Vic: Yeah? Carmen: Lose the plaid suit.

    • Vic: I'm gonna need some company in the slammer, so here's the scoop on Carmen. Look for her in Africa.

    • Greg: Before the invention of the telegraph, young writers delivered the mail from Missouri to California on horseback. Were they Minutemen, the Pony Express-- Eric: (as Angel buzzes in) Pony Express. Oh. Greg: Excuse me, you hafta-- You hafta buzz in. Angel buzzed-- Buzzed in. Go ahead, Angel. Angel: Pony Express. Greg: Pony Express is right. You're right. Eric,-- (laughs) Good answer though, Eric. It was right there.

    • (the monitor shows the ACME technical difficulties sign) Chief: Uh, Greg? Greg: Yeah, Chief? Chief: Greg, in my office now. Greg: (knocks on the monitor) Chief, I'm not quite gettin' you here. Chief: Uh, Greg, just come in my office. Greg: Okay, I'll be right there. You guys hang tight here. I'll be right back. I don't know what she's talkin' about. My mentor calls. (he enters the office) What's up, Chief? Chief: (without her head) Oh, Greg. My head fell off and I think it rolled under the desk. Greg: I'm sorry. One more time? Chief: Greg! Get with the program! I said my head fell off, it rolled under the desk! Would you please get it for me?! Greg: (searches under the Chief's desk) Oh, Chief, how did this happen? Chief: Well, I was... I was worried about the investigation, you know, and it just overheated and then it popped off! Greg: Hey! You got a lotta neat stuff here. (extracts a quarter from the desk) Check it out. Bicentennial quarter. Chief: (snatches the quarter) Oh, Greg, the head! Greg: All right. Oh, here it is right here. (extracts the Chief's head) Okay. Got it. Chief: Oh, good. Oh. Greg: Oh. (strains) All right. Let's just put it right on top there. Chief: Oh. Greg: And just kinda give a little twist! (strains; twists the Chief's head back into place) Better? Chief: Oh, yeah. Greg: Okay, Chief, how are we gonna keep this from happening again? Chief: Oh, well, you can capture Carmen Sandiego! I'll give a free trip anywhere in the lower 48 states to the Gumshoe that does. (applause) (Greg taps on her head) Chief: Oh, Greg, go away! Greg: Yes. Okay. Sorry. (he exits the office) Chief: Acts like he never saw a head pop off before! (Greg returns to HQ and tries to pull on his head to see if it pops off, but fortunately, it doesn't) Greg: I'm okay.

    • Mrs. Pumpkinclanger: Will you cut that blooming racket?! Greg: It's my upstairs neighbor, Mrs. Pumpkinclanger. Let's see what she says. (enters the alley and looks up at Mrs. Pumpkinclanger) To loud for ya? Mrs. Pumpkinclanger: All that noise is about to send me 'round the bend. The Contessa went to a country that makes beautiful textiles. The Otavalos have been weavers for centuries, and their fine cloth is shipped all over the world. The country also happens to be the largest exporter on my favorite fruit. The banana. (laughs) From rainforests to the beaches. It's quite a beautiful little country. Now, go out and nab the old girl and leave me in peace! (she shuts her window) Greg: Thanks a lot, Mrs. P. WE'LL KEEP IT QUIETER!!! Sorry. Man, she sees everything from up there.

    • Contessa: Honor among thieves? Surely you jest! If I'm going to prison, I'm taking Carmen with me. Look for her in South America.

    • Grunge: It's a dirty trick me bein' in da joint and Carmen on the loose. (coughs) Look for her in Asia. (sneezes)

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    • Clue Informants: The Mona Lisa (via phone call) Scott, the Dying Informant* Walter Cronkite Rockapella (parodying Zombie Jamboree) The Chief's Fax Machine

    • Vic the Slick commits his first crime in an aired episode.

    • Clue Informants: Mrs. Pumpkinclanger Lemke The Files Moosey the Moose A different Dying Informant

    • The Contessa commits her first crime in an aired episode.

    • Clue Informants: Moe Pesci The Chief's Fax Machine Mrs. Pumpkinclanger Rex the Tortoise (w/translation by the Chief) The Voice

    • Top Grunge commits his first crime in an aired episode.

    • Clue Informants: Snowball-Gram The Word on the Street The Voice (insert the last 2 here)

    • This is the first aired episode with a Carmen capture.

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    Trivia (104)

    • Locations in Zaire: Copper Mines Virunga Park Post Office International Airport (Warrant) Rainforest Zaire River Kahuzi-Biega (Patty) Lubumbashi Center Downtown Kinshasa Lofoi Waterfalls Lake Edward Ferry Station Botanical Gardens Golf Course Central Market (Dentures)

    • Locations in Portland, Maine: Casco Bay Cushings Island Back Cove (Panama Canal) Observatory Seaman's Raw Bar Danforth Street Deering's Woods Landmarks Office (Warrant) Museum of Art Old Port Exchange Neal Dow Memorial Head Light Victoria Mansion (Grunge) State Pier Wadsworth Longfellow House

    • Locations in Hong Kong: Star Ferry The Landmark (Contessa) Tailor Shop Victoria Peak Nightclub Man-Mo Temple (Warrant) Statue Square Repulse Bay Abunha Gardens Flagstaff House Cat Street Ocean Park Po Lin Monastery Bird Market Stanley Market (Car)

    • When Contessa was put in jail, Rockapella forgot to sing her tune.

    • Locations in Montana Red Lodge Flathead Lake Capitol Building Beartooth Pass Custer Battlefield (Square) Wildlife Refuge Fort Peck Dam Bozeman Hot Springs Birchwood Hostel Museum of Mining (Warrant) Bannack Ghost Town Giant Springs Glacier National Park Bighorn Canyon (Double Trouble) Carroll College

    • Locations in Buenos Aires, Argentina: Boca Bridge Fountain Casa Rosada Cathedral Plaza De Mayo Jewish Museum Bookstore Avenida de Julio Opera House Handicraft Market (Warrant) Jockey Club (Alcatraz) Cinema Plaza Britanica (Vic) El Centro Lincoln Library

    • Locations in Singapore: Arab Street St. Andrew's Cathedral (Warrant) Boat Quay Temple People's Park (Bell) Chinatown Lucky PLaza Fort Canning Clifford Pier Orchard Road (Patty) Change Alley Merlion Park Art Gallery Empress Place Sultan Mosque

    • Locations in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil: Cinema Airport (Warrant) Harbor Catholic University Mariu's Restaurant Ipanema (SATs) Maracana Stadium Guanabara Bay Modern Art Museum Avenida Atlantica Copacabana Beach Leblon District Tijuca Forest Tv Globo Complex (Patty) Alah's Garden

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    Allusions (6)

    • Title: The Taking of the Shrew The Taming of the Shrew is a play by William Shakespeare, it was also made into a movie starring Burt Lancaster and Elizabeth Taylor. Many adaptions of the story have been made.

    • Title: You Ain't Nothin' But a House Thief You Ain't Nothin' But a Hound Dog are the opening lyrics to an Elvis Presley song "Hound Dog".

    • Similar to the title of Aesop's famous fabel, "The Tortoise and the Hare".

    • Title: Et tu, Abu? "Et tu, Brute?" is a famous line from William Shakespeare's Julius Ceasar.

    • Title: To Bead or Not to Bead "To be or not to be" is a famous line from William Shakespeare's Hamlet.

    • Title: The Lion Sting The Lion King is a 1994 Disney animated movie.

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