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  • 8.5

    The coolest cartoon

    By T_VFan, May 11, 2012

    and detective to grow up with! She will take you on adventures and more!

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    I love this show because it's based on the games created by The Learning Company.

    By matrix103, Sep 18, 2007

    Everything is superb about this show and I love the concept for this show and I love all of the characters my #1 favorite character is Carmen Sandiego. This show is very similar to Cyberchase it's also the same thing different concept but it my point of view Cyberchase & Where on Earth is Carmen Sandiego? they are very similar shows in a way. Their are games that is based on the same thing Carmen Sandiego and the great chase. The executional games Carmen Sandiego is made by TLC they did a superb job on all of the games so maby you should look it up on

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  • 9.0

    Legendary thief Carmen Sandiego is set up against two detectives, Zack and Ivy. Similar to the video game of the same name, this show uses animation to make history interesting to kids.

    By little_magelly, May 30, 2007

    This show was (and to a certain extent, still is) one of my favorite shows. When my mom bought a few of the video tapes for me, I found this show funny and educational. The facts were informative at the tender age of five , and Zack and Ivy's squabbles were reminiscent of my own minor squabbles with my brother. The facts are interesting yet not preechy, and the animation is colorful and good. Overall, this show is great for anyone who wants their child to learn something while trying to figure out the case along the way, or someone who just wants to watch something to remind them of the simpler times.moreless

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  • 8.3

    Finally some characterization

    By BTRAV, Apr 12, 2007

    The characterization here of Carmen not simply being a villainess, of her actually having a backstory and some honor, was really cool. The voices for Zack and Ivy are familiar and cool too, but Lynn was still the better chief. Along with City Guys, one of the last after school specials I watched that was educational.

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  • 9.6

    Seriously, bring this title back, before I get angry.

    By Nalanji, Jan 07, 2007


    I don't know if it was Carmen, or just the whole show which I loved so much... but it was somthing, and it has never come back to me, and I will always remember the Carmen Sandiego shows on TV and never find anything the same from my childhood. The cast and stories were amazing, and it was so cool! The animation wasnt that good, but it was good enough for a child. The stories are just so cool, and you always wanted to know what is going to happen next. Carmen would steal things that she didn't even want, and she, if mortal, couldn't even think of stealing. * COUGH* Mont-Ste-Michelle...

    Anyways, watch the show, you'll love it!moreless

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    One of my Favorite Cartoon when i was a kid

    By Collecionador, Jul 22, 2005

    Informative and cool, this show was one of my favorites and still. This show should come back again.

    This show, interteign and teach things, without you know, at least show have new versions.

    Everyone who saw this when was child should had love it, at least saw at the times that we dont have anothing to see on Tv.

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