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    helicopters rule

    By ronporter735, Apr 09, 2014

    Amazing how many of my fellow 60+ yrs don't remember this. But can remember Sky King. This show was nothing short of the best in its time and I still wonder if it will ever make the "memorable TV" schedule

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    THE Original Helicopter Show

    By Airwolf222, Apr 06, 2006

    Before Airwolf, before Blue Thunder, and before Chopper One, there was a three seasoned show that began in 1957 and ended in 1960 where helicopters were the stars.

    Enter Whirlybirds, this show involved two pilots who flew around in Bell 47-G helicopters, they were either involved in search and rescue or were flying some bigwig around.

    I am probably guessing that the writers of Whirlybirds had no idea that their show would end up in different formats in later years.

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