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  • (After returning his stolen mine claim)P.T. Moore: How does it feel to be a rich man? Walt Elliot: Give me time to get used to it. My leg is throbbing like I was a poor man.

  • Helen Carter: For a famous eccentric, Mr. Jameson appears to be quite normal. P.T. Moore: He is as easy as an old shoe.

  • Chuck Martin: Thanks Marie, you saved our lives. Marie Marco: I killed my brother! P.T. Moore: Well, there is one thing all of this proves. Chuck Martin: What's that? P.T. Moore: We really know how to teach people how to fly. Chuck Martin: We sure do, almost good enough to kill us.

  • Sheriff Bates: As far as we can tell, no other car has been here to have picked them up, only a wind storm or rain can wipe out tracks in the desert, we have had neither. Bruce Tyler, his wife and his two kids didn't leave any tracks. Something very strange must have happened here last night.

  • (while searching for rustlers) P.T. Moore: Frank Devlin himself, the inside man. He even had his own herd rustled. Chuck Martin: As a cover up!

  • Vince Sofield: Wow! Fifty thousand this time. Ellis Parker: Tempting isn't it? That's for amateurs. Take a little, leave a little.

  • Captain Bowers: My men will be here any minute now. Get out of here, all three of you. Dr. John Dixon left behind a nice legacy and I want to keep it that way.

  • Hank Davis: I don't want your money....Jessica. Jessica: What is it? Hank Davis: I don't understand, just don't understand. How is it possible that I ever could have been in love with a thing like you.

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Notes (29)

  • This was the first pilot episode which was filmed in 1956 at the Iverson Dude Ranch, where many western movies had been made. It was one of four episodes made as pilot episodes to present to CBS Films, which bought them, and the series, for syndication.

  • Johnny Crawford would go on to co-star in the hit TV series The Rifleman as Lucas McCain's son, Mark. He also became a teen idol in the early 1960s when he charted five hits on the pop music charts.

  • This marks the debut of Robert Altman as a recurring director, he would direct eighteen additional episodes throughout the remaining two seasons of the series.

  • Star Trek fans will recognize Majel Barrett in one of her earliest television appearances.

  • Original air date: 24 August, 1959, KHJ TV, Los Angeles, CA. USA

  • Episode copyright date: 19 August, 1959.

  • Original air date: 31 August 1959, KHJ TV, Los Angeles, CA. USA

  • Episode copyright date: 26 August, 1959.

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Trivia (4)

  • This is the first known episode to feature the familiar Desilu Productions script logo in the closing credits as was also used in I Love Lucy.

  • In the opening sequence when pilots Martin and Moore are shown flying over the city, the Desilu Productions lot (the series' studio) is seen below.

  • This is the first television appearance of Pernell Roberts.

  • This episode, directed by Robert Altman, was nominated for a U.S. Academy Award.

Allusions (2)

  • Art Masters: There is only room in the helicopter for 4. Chico Parentis: Five (holding up his kitty), el gatito--the cat, he flies too! Chuck Martin: We'll take the little kitty, he'll be a "Flying Tiger", huh? Martin makes an allusion to the famous WW2 Chinese Air Force squadron known as the Flying Tigers who were instrumental in assisting the US Air Force against the Japanese.

  • (P.T. is tempted to open the bag they are delivering to a courier) Chuck Martin: You ought to be glad it is locked, remember Pandora? Chuck alludes to the mythical Greek goddess Pandora whose curiosity resulted in her opening the forbidden jar, unleashing plagues, diseases, and evil upon mankind. In modern times the jar is known as "Pandora's Box".